Left handed post

I had that operation on my wrist last Wednesday.  This was the second operation on the same bone as the bone graft I had last year didn’t heal as it should’ve, so this time he was doing a blood vessel bone graft thingy majig.

As with last years operation I was told there is only a 75% chance of it healing.  But this was lowered further when I spoke to the surgeon afterwards who said “your blood vessels are what I’d expect to see in a 60 year old smoker.  I’m not confident of it healing as your bone didn’t look too good either…it’s about a 50/50 chance it’ll heal”.

Given I’m not 60 and Ive never smoked it’s not exactly what I expected to hear. But I didn’t expect to hear ‘you’ve had a heart attack’, either, so nothing is surprising me at the min!

Add my dodgy blood vessels to my dodgy heart, then maybe I’ve got some mad Benjamin Button thing going on?  It would certainly account for my lethargic, sloth like, nature since my teens….

The wrist and my heart shit have started to catch up with me in the past week though. I’m starting to feel a bit trapped by it all (I can’t do this/I can’t do too much of that etc, don’t forget to take your tablets – I took 19 tablets the other day. 19!).  I think cabin fever is setting in.  Now my wrist is covered in a cast that just adds to more things I can’t do.  Although, I think I’ve only just shook off the after affects of the anaesthetic/painkillers 6 days later, so that probably hasn’t helped my mood since I came out of hospital.  And although I’m supposed to limit myself to 2 units of alcohol per day, it’s my birthday on Thursday so I’m in 2 minds whether to have a few (which will turn into several) drinks or not and shake off the doldrums (I havent had a drop of alcohol for 3 months and said I wouldn’t drink again until at least after id seen the cardiologist again in May…dum dum duuuumm).

In the meantime I keep wondering what type of scar I have under my cast.  I know there are two (one zorro shaped one from last year which he said he’d open up again and there should be a new 2 inch scar on top of my wrist).  Having a scar is always good addition for any man.  I just need to invent an animal attack story to go along with it. It’s got to be better than the rather pathetic “I fell off the couch and needed a bajillion operations to fix myself again”

End of left handed, one finger, dad typing, post…2 hours after I wrote that first paragraph. Sigh.


My bones are still broken

Three months after my (life saving) bone graft, I went for a follow up to see if the bones had healed ok.  One side of the scaphoid bone has joined and healed ok…the other side hasn’t.  So far.

The surgeon thinks it may just need more time (he has known it to take 18 months to join together).  But for now, I literally can’t do anything else apart from wait for another 2 months and then go back for a follow up and another CT scan to check it.

On the picture below, you can just about work out where the bone has joined…and you can see a big gap where the screw is, where the bone tissue doesn’t even look close to joining on the other side. (Looks like it needs some concreate pouring in there never mind bone tissue joining).

The physio who I’ve been seeing, almost weekly, and was (slowly) getting my wrist to move  again, now can’t do much more with me either because pushing my hand further or doing more physio could damage the bone repair.  So I’m stuck for a few months with a gimp hand.

I never thought it’d be this much hassle (and obviously I didn’t realise I’d done that much damage to it initially).  To say I’m totally over not being able to use my right hand fully is an understatement…especially as I’m right handed.  So no lifting anything slightly heavy…I can’t even pick up a kettle, or carry a cup of tea…no putting pressure on it, shaking hands, blah blah blah.

To give you an idea how much I can move my hand refer you to diagram 2.  Diagram 1 is how far I can bend my left hand back without thinking about it.  Diagram 2 is how far back my gimp hand goes (it doesn’t go much further bending it the other way either).

The surgeon told me my hand will never get back to ‘normal’ again (normal = how it was before op), and that it’ll be 12 months before it’s “as normal as it’ll get”, whatever that means.  He also told me I’ll never be able to do push ups again.

Oddly, he didn’t tell me any of that before the operation.

So, sadly, even though my fingers still work and I can continue my classical piano career, I’ve had to regrettable withdraw from the World Push-Up Championships.  It was a devasting blow, especially when I think back to my record breaking 3 push-ups I last done about 10 years ago.

If I could grow a decent goatee I’d be contemplating life as a Jeremy Beadle impersonator.  Some things, obviously, aren’t meant to be.