Can’t think of a title, so I’m making one up

I finished my cardiac rehab program a last week…amongst other things I’m now a master in laughing at old people doing thai chi.

But on the more serious side, I found it to be worthwhile and if nothing else, it’s got me back into exercise, which I was very nervous about doing. I mean how long should you exercise for after a heart attack? How much can you exercise? I wouldn’t have a clue (and I’d be terrified) of doing too much and making myself have another heart attack. So it was beneficial for me to at least do some of that whilst I was supervised and my pulse was being taken every few mins.

I tentatively got back on the treadmill last week – I barely managed 5 mins – but slow and steady is the name of the game.

One thing that did come out of the rehab program is that they said I’m showing signs of high anxiety and stress. Which isn’t exactly unusual after what I’ve been through, but they think some of it could be attributed to some underlying problems.

I told them about a few things in past (which I’m not sure I’ve wrote about on here or not) such as being stabbed and my mum passing away not long after (about 10 years ago). Neither of which I’ve never really talked about to anyone. Then adding to the heart issue, they said having no one close over here to talk to probably isn’t helpful as I don’t have a ‘support network’ (although even back in UK I didn’t speak to my ‘close’ friends or family about how I was feeling). But the long and short of it, is that they have referred me to a psychologist.

I sent an email back to my family and told them this and my brother phoned me (for the first time in the 2 years I’ve been in Australia) asking me what was wrong. I think he thought if I’d been referred to a psychologist it meant I was about to top myself…it took a while to convince him otherwise!

I’m very indifferent about going to see someone though. I don’t feel like I need to, but it’s also not the first time someone has told me I should talk to someone, so maybe it’ll do some good. What’s the worst that can happen?

But fuck all that nonsense off, for now. It’s Thursday, the sun is shining and I’m going to see The Prodigy tonight. As the Kool Kidz would say…BOOM!


9 thoughts on “Can’t think of a title, so I’m making one up

  1. “I’m very indifferent about going to see someone though. I don’t feel like I need to, but it’s also not the first time someone has told me I should talk to someone, so maybe it’ll do some good. What’s the worst that can happen?”

    Let me think…..

    They turn out to be the Australian answer to Harold Shipman – for god sake don’t tell them that you have no support network and your family only contact you every couple of years, you will move up their candidate list like a new born baby holding a large sum of money….

    Have you thought about getting a pet and telling it all your problems (if it starts to look judgmental you can always abandon it and get a replacement.) or and this is a real last resort……. start a blog and regularly pour out all your troubles to the universe….
    Sorry none of this is very helpful, just can’t help myself I guess.

    On a more positive note the psychiatrist might turn out to be hot like Dr. Jennifer Melfi from the Sopranos ….

    Say hello to The Prodigy’s fitness instructor – she used to take some of the fitness classes I attended….

    • I’ve actually said to people I can pretend I’m Tony Soprano and I’m going to see Dr Melfi. No one had a clue what I was on about, so give yourself a gold star!

      I doubt I’m responsible enough for a pet. I’d end up throwing it out the window (frail state of mind you see…these things are expected of me).

      Didn’t see The Prodigy’s fitness instructor but I can confirm they were absolutely brilliant again.

      • According to QI, my font of all wisdom on all matters, if a cat falls from 7 stories or above they generally survive unscathed. They apparently spread themselves out like flying squirrels and float to earth (To be honest I can’t see McG floating anywhere). So if you live in an apartment above the 6th floor get a cat so that when you accidently chuck it out the window you can report back on its state of health….

      • I live on the 18th floor. How much are cats? Obviously kitten’s will be cheaper than a grown cat. You’ve got to also wonder if a kitten would have the knowledge to become a flying squirrel – I doubt it’s seen any Richard Attenborough documentary’s in it’s young uneducated life…or if it knows what to do. A cat it is.

        I’ll report back…

  2. Seeing a shrink shouldn’t be too bad: if you feel better afterwards (win), if you don’t (no harm done).

    Figuratively speaking, I don’t mind spilling a few beans … but literally speaking, spilling beans is bad because Heinz/Wattie’s beans are so good!

    note: maybe the psychiatrist will be disappointed that you don’t look like Tony Soprano.

    double note: exercise is good for the body and mind … keep it up.

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