I’m going back into work on Monday…after being off for the past seven weeks.  Seven weeks!  Thankfully I’m going back three days a week for the rest of the month so I’ll be taking it easy…and making the most of being able to say no to things for a while.

“I can’t do that, I’ve got to take it easy…doctors orders” will become my most used phrase.

The cardiologist I seen this week said he has no concerns at the minute, not even that I feel my heart flutter/do a mini jump a few times a day – which is a bit unnerving when it happens – but he wasn’t bothered about it so it must be normal.  I go to see him again in three months to do a shit load more tests when he’ll be able to tell if the heart has repaired itself.

On top of adjusting to my heart being a bit rubbish, I went to see the hand surgeon again on Monday and I need to have a second operation on my wrist. Last years surgery didn’t work.  So he’s cutting me open again and doing some other ‘bone graft attached to blood vessels’ thing in my wrist next month. Joy of joys.

Although I feel good in myself, I could do with going out and getting shit-faced, but I can’t.  Like the rest of the world, I’ve been advised against “binge drinking”, but in my situation having more than a couple could course problems at the minute. “Everything in moderation: a couple of units are ok”…which I translate to: it’s not even worth it. I’d drink them before the barmaid had had a chance to give me back my change.  Weekends just aren’t the same…but I’ll be back!

Before Christmas, when I’d send an email to the family in the UK telling them I’d done something brilliant over here, I’d always sign off ‘living the dream’.  Now I’m just signing off with an alive/dead status: “Living…”

Yes, I am that funny.

(I realise that last paragraph doesn’t fit in with anything else in this post, but sod it. It just popped into my head and made me laugh).


9 thoughts on “Living

  1. It sounds like all is going well: good to hear the recovery is going okay and you are doing well.
    Consider this a reflection period: your face still reflects in water, so things aren’t too bad.
    Hang in there.
    I like the last paragraph. When my mother died I said, “I guess I’m an orphan now.” The people around me didn’t think that was too funny, but returning home one of my sisters said, “I guess we’re ophans now”. … so humor is relative. hee hee!

  2. not even that I feel my heart flutter/do a mini jump a few times a day
    You are going to have to steer clear of pretty women

    I do like your ending (your paragraph not you). My favorite response to the dull question “How are you?” is “Still breathing”

  3. Just catching up with your blog and oh, my god, you have been through the wars. I’m glad you are recovering and have a healthy attitude to it all. Unlike me who is the biggest worrier going. Anyway, look after yourself and at least you can get out of those crap jobs for the time being 🙂

  4. Jeez man,I don’t come here for a couple of months, and you have all the excitement without me, how rude !! LOL – Gald you’re on the mend, good job you weren’t on the plane, people would have been upset – ” I’m sorry, can we just pull over, I have to have a heart attack. ” It’s all me me me huh ?? 😉

    Bummer though dude, no sex, AND having your hand out of action again. There really is no justice in the world……

    Get some rest, and get better soon my friend. ( and make sure you’re getting lots of sympathy from female friends 😉 )

    • I did think that about the plane thing, I would’ve felt so guilty if something had happened on the plane and they had to turn around because of me. Think I would’ve just took my chances rather than the embarrassment!

      haha the hand has been technically out of action for ages…but I get by!

      Thanks mate, I’m sure I’ll be right as rain in a few months 🙂

  5. Heart attacks suck. I mean, I’ve heard. And you describe it so well, so – uh, heartwrenchingly – if you’ll forgive the silly pun – that I’ve nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. If you decide to accept, you can find out more at (No, no – don’t cringe – it’s a real thing, and I’m a real person, with a real blog.)

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