Recovering, slowly but surely

So nearly three weeks after the heart attack I’m recovering, slowly but surely.  I’m still a bit out of breath doing simple stuff…walking around or going up stairs is hard work if I go quicker than my heart will let me – but that’s only to be expected at the minute.  I’m off work for another 2 weeks then I’ll probably look at easing back into work (maybe part-time hours for a few weeks).

My blood test results came back and they were all clear…so there’s sod all wrong with me. I’m literally that person you read about where someone has a heart attack and no one knows why.

Just to complicate things on top of all the heart stuff – I need to go back and see the hand surgeon in a couple of weeks (I’ll probably need another operation on that bone in my wrist because it hasn’t healed)!  Work have been good with me though and my boss said they’d be ok with me working around whatever I need to do.

I start cardiac rehab tomorrow so hopefully that’ll help my recovery too.  Maybe I’ll make some new friends there…Edna and Stan will invite me to Bingo nights (or whatever old heart attack people do).

All the consultants, doctors and nurses keep telling me I’ll start feeling a bit down about the heart attack and part of the rehab is to get you to speak to someone about it all.  I can’t see myself feeling down about it…I haven’t been thinking about it in a depressing ‘why me’ way at all.  I’ve been very blasé about it (apparently it’s common for people of similar age to be blasé).  But I’ll just go with it and take what they offer…every little helps I suppose and it’s there for a reason.

The way I look at it is that I’ve fell off my bike.  I just need to get up, brush myself off and, with the stabilisers attached for a while, carry on.


14 thoughts on “Recovering, slowly but surely

  1. So glad to read that you’re on the mend. Take it easy and, as I’m sure you are, listen to the doctors!

    Just think, you’ve got bingo, day trips to the seaside, and endless conversations about hip replacements ahead of you 😉

    Seriously, I think your attitude is spot on. Keep your chin up.

  2. You will become addicted to Bingo gambling and will need a 12-step gambling-cessation programme!

    Happy to hear you are recovering well from the heart issue but sad about the wrist! What’s up with that?!? All the best to you, love.

    • Thanks for the well wishes. I broke my wrist a year ago and needed an op to fix it…it hasn’t healed, so I think I will need a second operation to fix it. Go to see the surgeon again in a week!

      I’m literally falling apart.

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