New Year


I’ve never liked new year, but when you spend new year on a boat, on Sydney Harbour…awesome.
It’s now 2:30am on New Years day (technically 2nd Jan), and I’m still made up and need to tell more people about it.  The boat we were on had free ale and free food, so the six of us obviously  took advantage on the ale. 
The boat was 7.30pm-1am.  We saw the 9pm Family Fireworks by Cockatoo Island – which is on the other end of the harbour (not the typical Opera House view end), but even though we couldn’t see the bridge or Opera House from where we were for them fireworks, they have barges all along the harbour setting off fireworks so it was still a good view.  
The boat we were on was in the ‘Light Parade’ so it sailed around the harbour for a few hours before the proper fireworks.  Even though I’ve been here for 2 years, it was very surreal and I had to pinch myself a few times to realise that I was there on boat watching the fireworks – I can’t, and will never be able to, describe that feeling.
For the midnight fireworks we had a view of the Opera House and the bridge, it was a bit further away than I thought it’d be, but with a full view of the Opera House, bridge and 3/4 barges setting off fireworks…we couldn’t have had a better spec if we tried. I didn’t take any photos of the fireworks cos I was too busy looking at them, but when/if you seen them on telly – the front view of the bridge and opera house, the typical view of it all – thats the view I had.  Ten times a better than the view I’ve had in the last couple of years.
Five years ago I never thought I’d get to see Sydney New Year fireworks, let alone be living here and and see them three years on the run. But this year was better than the other two new year eve’s, and as long as I’m here every new year from now I’ll be on a boat for them.  You cannot beat it. 
Happy New Year all.
I’m off on my holidays tomorrow too. For 10 days, me and my mate who I used to work with has come over from the UK, so tomorrow we’re off to: Brisbane, then onto Hervey Bay, Fraser Island, Whitsundays (sailing on a catamaran for 2 days) and Surfers Paradise. 
As you do.
 (Still) living the dream. 

5 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Have you been there for that long already?
    … it seems like just yesterday you were moaning about your flatmates in England washing their hair with laundry detergent or something.
    Whitsundays: bring a lot of booze on the boat … for foolish women who forget theirs.


  2. WOW – I remember you getting ready to go out there. Anyways, Happy New Year bud. New Years on a boat sounds awesome, we’ve been meaning to do that for years over here up the Thames. Never have got round to it. I’ve got to say I’m not a massive fan of new year. Glad you’re still living the dream. If you’ve got a job for me, let me know, as I’m being made redundant in March !!! LOL

    Take it easy, and enjoy the holiday…..

  3. One of my neighbours is from Oz. I don’t think I could stomach a summertime Christmas though. I’m a bit too traditional I reckon. So glad you enjoyed your New Years’ celebration.

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