New housemates

The door of my apartment has been revolving again and we’ve had another change of flat mates.  Out goes one girl, in comes one boy.

It wasn’t so long ago that I’d just found two girls to live with.  I was slightly apprehensive about living with two girls – it’s not like the movies (not the movies I watch anyway) – but it worked out well.  Unfortunately one of them decided to move in with her boyfriend so left the other two of us looking for someone to replace her.

The process of flatmate finding isn’t the greatest.  It’s a pain in the arse.  Especially when you know within a minute if they’d be a good fit or not and have to go through a little rigmarole with them.

This time we just seemed to have weirdo’s coming for viewings.  Not least someone, who said “I prefer brunch over lunch…”.

I don’t think I even knew what brunch was until I was in my twenties (actually, I’m still not really sure what it is)…cloven-hoofed beasts might as well have dragged me up.

But who says “I prefer brunch over lunch” without laughing?  Not me.

“I’m from Liverpool mate, you’re not moving in here if you come out with stuff like that.”

Obviously I ooze culture.

Thankfully, one of the last to view the apartment turned out to be ok and moved in a few weeks later – a male this time.  So far he’s settled in and seems like a good sort – and someone who likes to go out for a drink now and again (rather than “brunch”), which is a bonus.


9 thoughts on “New housemates

  1. To me brunch is :-

    the meal between breakfast and lunch for very fat people;


    the meal instead of breakfast and lunch for very thin people:

    Since I hover somewhere between the two I personally feel Brunch is somewhat redundant…..

    • Sounds like we’re getting all Lord of the Rings and ‘Second Breakfast’.

      If people eat at, say, 11am…doesn’t this mean they’ll most likely need to eat about 3/4pm? Shall we call this Drunch/Linner?

      Breakfast, lunch, dinner (or the proper way, given I’m from the north…breakie, dinner, tea). Nothing else should exist otherwise the earth won’t spin correctly on it’s axis.

  2. Haha, brunch. The Germans are obsessed with it! Loads of places advertise “All you can eat brunch” on a Sunday. As far as I can tell, it’s just breakfast but it’s available til about 2 p.m. instead of the usual 11 a.m.

  3. Hey Buddy. Hows tricks ?? – not planning on a quick trip home this xmas then ?? – Just thought I’d drop by as I usually only read the blogs at work in the quiet time ( like now ), and I finish in a couple of days for the year. So have yourself a great xmas and new year, and I’ll catch up with you again next year !!!

    • I’m good thanks mate, hope you’re well. I thought about a trip home for about 0.03 seconds…then I realised how cold it would be! Thinking of heading back for a visit sometime next year. Have a good Christmas and New Year too!
      I might try and write more if I can be bothered 🙂

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