Putting myself out there….a bit

Since I got my visa to stay over here in Sydney, I’ve settled into my life a bit better.  I managed to find a decent place to live (with good housemates) and got a bit more settled in work, everything just kind of slotted into place when I needed it to.

However the one thing that hasn’t really gone too well for me is making new friends.  Most of my friends back in England I’d known since I was yay big, and there was no need to put myself into places to try to make new mates.

I have work mates and my flatmates here, but outside of that I don’t really know anyone to go out with or do things with.  My current flatmates do their own thing, which is good in one way and not so good if you’re me and you don’t know many people to socialise with.

Even though I knew I lot of people from when I first got here from staying in hostels (easiest place ever to make friends), all of them are now back where they came from.  I guess I was also a bit unlucky that my two good mates here also accepted jobs in other cities at more or less the same time a few months ago.  I’ve also found it difficult to break into already established groups of friends.

So I’ve had to put myself out there again and meeting new people doesn’t come easy to me (probably not the best trait when I decided to move to the other side of the world on my own)!  Although I’d say I was shy, I’m definitely nowhere near as shy as I was before I came here…I can’t afford to be.

I’d been posting on some Internet forums for a few months and decided to go to a meet-up they were having.  I haven’t really embraced the whole ‘meet strangers off the Internet’ thing, but I decided to go along.  About 12/14 people turned up…there were a couple of token weirdo’s…but all in all it was a good night and although it was totally out of my comfort zone, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it (potentially) could be.  There were probably a couple of people I’ll keep in touch with at least.

But I’ve got to keep putting myself out there, and put myself into situations to meet new people and I’m pretty sure there are more weirdo’s to meet out there…


4 thoughts on “Putting myself out there….a bit

  1. Meeting fellow bloggers – very brave. I think what it would be like if I went along and met myself….very scary stuff.

    It’s an interesting question how do you make new friends when you are an adult….We seem to have lost a number of friends who have children and then who gravitate towards new friends who also have children (I don’t care how desperate things get I’m not having children in order to make friends with the parents of their friends….) To be honest some of them become such child bores I don’t have a problem with losing touch with them. The gym is always a good place to meet new people but converting them into friends is a bit tricky. I have managed to get a few people to come on bike rides and worked up from there or come around for film evenings…..

    I’ve got an idea in the back of my mind to run a blog on friendship (probabaly result in losing the ones I already have….) but I’m struggeling to find time to post to a weekly shedule and blogging subjects are stacking up fighting to make it onto the BlackLOG as it is…

    • It wasn’t meeting fellow bloggers – it was people from a forum I go on…not sure I read any Australian bloggers. It was still weird internet people though, so it’s the same thing!

      I know what you mean about the friends who have kids thing, all my mates in UK did and they were/are the same. Good for them…but as you say, there’s only so many child stories you can take.

      Just come back from seeing Jack White by the way, he was alright – nothing exciting though.

      • I managed to nurse Mrs B through another V Fest – just two moves per day…. they seemed to have sold more tickets for the same amount of space making it even harder to move between stages and to even settle down during the gaps between bands……- she is talking about going down to one day next year…..Gulp…..

        Never sure about Jack White – lots of promise, lots of rave reviews from the critics but not always a satisfactory end product….

  2. It is difficult. I’m down to zero friends here. ( No joke ) – The one sort of friend I have I haven’t seen since April 2011. We have a daughter, but she’s not been to nursery yet, so I don’t even have that option !!! LOL – ( I have to say though, there is a farm thing we take her to, that during the week is full of mums and their kids. If I was ever single again, I’d be there every weekday, there are some hot mummas there !!!! ) 😉

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