Post Op

The surgery went well – I’m told it went well at least – I’m not an expert in these matters.  I did end up getting nervous whilst getting wheeled into theatre and then I had the anaesthetist sticking tubes in my arms.  I couldn’t see much apart from the ceiling and theatre lights (I was laid flat out),  so I nervously made small talk with him as if it was the done thing (like asking a cab driver if he’s been busy and what time is he working until..)

Me: “How many people are in here?”

Him: “Six of us”

Me: “oh, ok.  Cool”.

Then I heard them all discussing their kids names, one of them had a kid called Jasper.  Jesus.  I was about to be operated on by people who call their kids Jasper.  What did I do to deserve this?

Obviously I’d already said too much to the anaesthetist as I don’t remember anything else.

The next thing I remember was being in recovery, with a nurse asking me if I wanted an Ice Block (Lolly Ice).  Don’t mind if I do.

Spent the whole of the night being woken by the nurse who checked to see if I was still alive and also had the aid of morphine button to help the pain.  Which I didn’t end up using too much, so they let me out of hospital a day early.

The pain has been a bit unbearable the last couple of days though, so much so that the pain was taking my breath away every time I sat down/up or layed in bed etc.  It’s more painful in my hip than in my arm.  But it seems to be easing up today. I still haven’t been brave enough to look underneath the plaster on my hip where a 5 inch black bruise has developed.

I go back to the surgeon in 10 days, until then I have morphine tablets to last me another couple of days and then painkillers to see me through.

It’s been novel trying to get around and do things 1 handed the past few days.  Especially as I’m right handed (they operated on my right hand).  But I haven’t found anything I can’t do…yet.

As the x-ray shows and my mate said, “at least you finally got a screw in Sydney”.


9 thoughts on “Post Op

  1. Glad you’re on the mend. The first pic is a little Jurassic park-esque, but the second is a little more normal. So is the screw there for good now ?? – how does that work ??

    • Thanks Maxxy.

      Yes, the screw is in for good. Because they had to do a bone graft they need the screw to hold the 3 bits of bone together (the middle bit of bone is from my hip, you can barely see the join in the xray – without the screw it wouldn’t join/heal properly). It’s called a Herbert screw, made from titanium…so at least it’s not a 3″ screw that goes into wooden decking 🙂

  2. I like the fact that despite the pain you are in, it has not stopped you attempting to fondle the very small woman in the last picture…..

    Rather than take advantage of you in your weakened state I’ll leave it at that, as I’m sure you don’t want to hear me go on about hand jobs, especially since you seemed to have that covered with W*nk*rs named Jasper (while it may not have been entirely their fault that their Mater and Pater called them Jasper, they should have done the decent thing and rebelled killing both parents and any poshly spoken siblings….)

    • I sent that picture to one of my mates in England, he also enquired more about the lady on the TV than about my hand…

      Just like the Knights that say Ni…I’m not weakened…”’tis but a scratch”


      • I appeared to have joined you on the Sick, Lame and Lazy list having cracked a rib skiing…..I think I will live with it rather than have any fancy pants body part swap surgery….

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