New Housemates Round 2

Landlord had lined up another 6 people to come and view the room last night, so I had to play host again.  All was going well until l got a text from the landlord saying someone couldn’t make it, but is there any chance of meeting me them and viewing the place….via Skype.

Modern technology eh?

Reluctantly, I agreed and surprisingly the Skype girl was probably the best fit of the bunch so I’ve made my recommendation to the landlord.  Two other girls were “alright” and I’ve said I’d only hesitantly recommend them two, so I hope the first one works out, or they line up more inspections.  At least the landlord is giving me a say on who I live with – they could just throw anyone in here and tell me to get on with it.

I think I made the right choice with housemate #1 at the weekend, we’ve spoken a few times now and she seems pretty cool.

Anyways, the rush to organise inspections has been because I’ll be in hospital for a few days now and the landlord wanted me to meet people.

I’m off to have my hand/wrist/hip sliced open to fix that broken bone today.  Work colleagues seem more concerned about the whole thing than I am….I’ve been more nervous going the dentist (I’m not scared of the dentist). One of them have agreed to help me home on Friday when I get out of hospital (doctors orders) and most of my little team (little in numbers….I don’t work with a team of dwarfs), said they’ll come and visit me on Thursday – which is nice of them and I don’t know anyone else over here to help/visit.

Next time I write I’ll be plaster-casted up to death and hobbling around like a hobbley thing in hobblesville.  Probably.


6 thoughts on “New Housemates Round 2

  1. Well your landlord seems pretty cool – at least wanting you to have a say in your housemates… I’ve never had a landlord, unless you count my parents having purchased a property with a friend and then with Mrs B (Miss C as she was at the time) so not sure what the etiquette is of giving tenants a say in who lives there….

    Sounds like your work mates are pretty cool as well – I’ve been in the same firm for 24 years and I doubt many of them would cross the road to say hello, let alone visit me in hospital.

    Fingers crossed (although try and make sure they don’t stitch them together) that everything goes well….

    As for the female housemates – give us loads of warning if Mrs B needs to purchase a hat and I need to dig out a suit and a couple of flights to Australia – I will bring the Beast so at least a couple of strangers can contribute to your wedding day….

    • Everything went well I think. Just have to wait until I go back to see the surgeon to see what he says about it now.

      haha thanks, at least I won’t need to include the price of a photographer then!

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