New housemates

The last of my housemates moved out on Friday.  By Friday night the landlord (who doesn’t live in Sydney), had lined up several people to come and look at the two available rooms on Saturday.

I’ve never ‘interviewed’ prospective housemates before and it didn’t dawn on me until about 10 minutes before the first one arrived, that this is what I essentially had to do, the landlord can only do so much by email/phone.  I’m going to have to live with these people after all.  For the next couple of hours I did my best at playing host and trying to work out if I’d get along with them.

They all thought I was awesome (obviously) and they all wanted to move in.  But in a 15-minute timeframe there’s obviously only so much you can work out from them.  In the end I recommended a male and a female to the landlord – but both wanted the same room.

At 7.30am today….seven fucking thirty, of a Sunday morning, the landlord phoned me to discuss who to pick.  To cut a long story short, the landlord decided on the female due to the people who have shown interest in the other room (only a couple of females who are apparently very keen to take the room).  We’ll see, I’m playing host again on tomorrow or Tuesday.

I’ve never lived with female housemates before, and I’m happy with the girl who will be moving in next week, but I was hoping another male would move into the other room.  This is looking unlikely from what the landlord is telling me (having just had 3 males here, maybe they want to put some female balance back into the apartment).

Living with the opposite sex will be a new experience for me.  But if they fart as much as my last housemates it’ll obviously be nothing new.


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