Falling over is expensive

Looks like falling over the couch is going to cost me about $2000.  Hopefully it won’t be any more than that – as long as my GP and surgeon tell my insurance people it’s not a pre-existing condition I should be ok – otherwise it’ll also cost me for the 2 nights I need to stay in hospital (I’m not sure what this cost is, but I’ve been told it’s expensive).  What an absolute ball hand-ache.

I’ve got another visit to the hand surgeon tomorrow so I might get to see an exciting boney picture of my hand.  Hopefully I’ll find out when I’m going to have bits of my hip chiseled off too.

In other news, my two housemates have decided they’re moving out – which is another pain as I feel settled with them.  Thankfully it’s not because I’m a shit housemate, they’re moving out for work reasons, one has got a job in another country and another is moving to Melbourne.  Maybe I’m that bad a housemate they feel they need to move that far away…!

Thankfully I’m paying rent only for the room (rather than the cost of the whole apartment being split between 3 of us), so it doesn’t add to my costs and I don’t need to panic to find new housemates.  The landlord (who doesn’t live here) is advertising for new tenants and I will, at least, have the final say on who moves in.  Anyone want to live with me?

Although it’s a bit annoying they’re moving out – I feel like I’m starting all over again to some extent – but you never know, it might work out for the better.


2 thoughts on “Falling over is expensive

  1. The hip will likely hurt much worse than the wrist. Sorry you’ve got to go through this, especially so far from “home.”

    Moving in sounds like fun but Husband won’t let me go to Oz.

    • The surgeon said the hip will hurt more, especially initially “You’ll feel like you’ve been hit by a bus and you won’t be walking properly for about a week” were the surgeons words.

      I’ve been hit by a car before, never a bus…I’m looking forward to it!

      My sister said the same thing!

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