Today’s lesson: don’t fall over the couch

A few months ago I fell over the couch (don’t ask) and landed on my hand/wrist awkwardly. It swelled up at the time but was back to normal within a week, and I had full movement in my hand so I left it, as I thought it’d healed ok.  But it didn’t heal properly as I still get pain if/when I put pressure on it.  So yesterday I went the doctor to have it checked out. 

The doctor sent me for x-rays – which I also had yesterday – and after looking at the results this morning he referred me to a hand surgeon.  Amazingly, I got an appointment at the hand surgeon within 4 hours and seen him this afternoon.

It turns out a bone called the scaphoid is broken in my wrist/hand and since I done this a few months ago and didn’t get it seen to…it has slightly chipped away some bone and obviously hasn’t mended.  

The outcome is that I’ll need to have a bone graft (I didn’t think I was injured that bad)!  They’ll have to chisel some bone from my hip, to put into my hand to join the broken bone – which they’ll then seal with a screw.  Brilliant, not!

On the plus side, I’ve been walking around with broken bones for 2/3 months *flexes muscles*

I need to go and have a CT scan done on Monday, then another visit to the hand surgeon next week to organize the surgery. 

I’ve managed to go 32 years without doing any damage to myself, my time had to come sooner or later I suppose.

Tomorrow I’ve got the bureaucratic insurance/medical system to navigate to find out if my insurance or the Australian Medicare system covers the cost.  The surgeon thinks it’s a bit more complicated because of my visa type too.  I hope I’m fully covered as it’s already cost me nearly $500 in doctors/x-ray fees (you have to pay upfront over here, but you get all/most of it refunded through Medicare).  Not to mention the surgeon quoted $2500 for the operation alone. 

Anyone good at DIY?  I’m open to tenders and Brennig has already offered his bolt-cutters. You just need some steady hands, a hammer and chisel (preferably not covered in paint/plaster), a decent knife and a needle and thread.


8 thoughts on “Today’s lesson: don’t fall over the couch

    • If somethings worth doing, then it’s worth doing properly. I’m sure I’ll keep you all updated with the op/limb loss.

      I didn’t think of a new arm, but now you mention it I’ll ask the surgeon on Thursday…I hope so. But having just a whisk is a bit restrictive don’t you think…going the toilet could be especially hazardous. I’m hoping for a swiss army knife, or a leatherman. At least they include pliers to help with the toilet thing… !

  1. On the plus side, I’ve been walking around with broken bones for 2/3 months *flexes muscles*
    Mrs B skied down a mountain (Ok – mainly dragged herself along on her bottom) and walked around on broken leg for two weeks before I forced her to hobble to the doctors…

    I broke my scaphoid (alright hairline crack) a few years back playing football – very painful as I remember. Being a wimp I went to the doctor and had it in plaster …. better than having a bone graft….

    On the operation front I’ve got a glue gun, a blunt knife and a broken chisel – happy to do your op for £150….plus flights and reasonable expnses…

      • Book the flights and I’ll be there…

        Yeah, Mrs B is the tough one in the family, although she visibly wilts at the sound of my shrieking….

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