Why not?

When I was in England and people asked me why I wanted to go to Australia, I always said  I didn’t have a particular reason.  But one answer I always gave was,  ‘I could be doing exactly what I’m doing here (in England), but in Australia.  Why not?’

I’ve settled into a bit of a routine now and have also got used to my housemates routines (apart from the impromptu house party my housemate had, on a Wednesday night a few weeks ago, which didn’t finish until 5am.  With being up at 7am for work it didn’t make me a happy bunny), but everything else has a been a bit steady eddy lately.

Although since being a (temporary) resident, rather than a smelly backpacker, I have found it difficult to make new mates (staying in hostels you more or less have new best friends almost daily).  A few other people have said they found it difficult when they first moved over too, and in the grand scheme of things it’s not something I’m worried about.  Thankfully my housemates are good lads and we’ve become good mates – but it’d be nice to use both hands to count how many mates I have at some point!  Just like in England when I ended up doing a lot of stuff on my own (due to marriages, babies and pathetic excuses like that), I still do a lot of stuff on my own here, but slowly that’s changing and I’m sure it will more in the future.  Admittedly I’ve gone a bit back into my shell, I need give myself a kick up the arse and put my ‘everyone’s my new best mate’ head back on.  Anyway…

Even though I’ve now been here for over a year, I still feel like I’m on holiday.  But from tomorrow ‘holiday’ doesn’t mean getting up for work at 7am.  I’m actually on holiday for a week.

I’ve worked more or less a full year now (apart from 1 week off when I went to Uluru in August), not that I’m complaining but, I’m looking forward to the break.  I’m flying over to Perth tomorrow (I’m staying with my cousin – free accommodation, wahey) to have a mooch around there for a week.  I’ve got no idea what’s in Perth or what I’ll do, but I’m looking forward to it.  No plans are the best plans.

“I could be doing exactly what I’m doing here (in England), but in Australia…and flying to different parts of this massive, brilliant, country when I get time off.”

“Why not?”, indeed.


13 thoughts on “Why not?

  1. WOW – has it been a year already ?? – time flies an’ all that……

    Yeah I do the babies / marriage excuse……probably why I now have zero friends…… hey ho… 😉

  2. Wow, that was a quick year!

    Why not is a perfectly valid reason! (It was the one I gave for ending up studying German after planning to apply for teacher training for 2 years!)

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