Gigs of the last 2 weeks…and a couple of others

I’ve been to quiet a few gigs in the past month so thought I’d give a thorough review of them:

  • Eminem 8th Dec at Sydney Football Stadium: I said I wasn’t going to go and see him, but in the end thought ‘why not?’.  Not normally the type of music I like…and he did nothing to persuade me otherwise.  Shouldn’t have bothered, glad to have heard ‘Stan’ live and “Lose Yourself’ was good, but otherwise it was bit shit.
  • Fleet Foxes 2nd Jan at Sydney Opera House: Acousticy/folky shenanigans in a great place.  Just my cup of tea.  Slowed down some of their songs, but overall I enjoyed it.
  • Arctic Monkeys 12th Jan at Hordern Pavilion: 7th time I’ve seen these and they didn’t disappoint again.  Stood in the middle with the kool kidz…jumped about more than a hyperactive kangaroo.  Great gig and the Hordern is a great place for gigs.
  • Arctic Monkeys 13th Jan at Enmore Theatre: Tickets went on sale for this months after the previous gig sold out.  Decided seeing them in a smaller venue would be ace. Decided my hyperactive kangaroo days were behind me and stood to the side this time.  They were still good, but atmosphere was a bit more calmer than previous night.
  • Noel Gallagher 23rd Jan at Enmore Theatre:  As a big Oasis fan I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see him here.  Played mostly his own album and the tunes come across great live.  A handful of Oasis songs were, as to be expected, mass sing alongs – a slow acoustic version of Supersonic was fantastic. I’m biased…but a great gig.
  • Kasabian 24th Jan at Hordern Pavilion: After overindulgence the previous night at Noel, last thing I wanted to do was go and see these (bring out the small violin), but  I soldiered on.  The Vaccines were good as support band and Kasabian thankfully woke me up when they came on.  Probably the 5th time I’ve seen Kasabian and they do as Kasabian do and got the crowd going.  Great finish with ‘Fire’ at the end.
  • Big Day Out 26th Jan: One day festival on Australia Day and spent most of it wandering around watching bits of bands.  Crowd was weird, not really the type of crowd I’m used to at festivals.  It wasn’t a bad atmosphere and I didn’t see any trouble, but something wasn’t right.  Maybe just because it was a mostly younger crowd than what I’m used to (16-25 ish)?  Anyway; seen a few bands I’ve no idea who they were but I know I seen Boy & Bear, Grinspoon, The Living End, The Vaccines (again), My Chemical Romance, Kasabian (again), Soundgarden, Kanye West (poo), and Noel Gallagher (again).  Was glad I’d been to see Kasabian and Noel earlier in the week as they only played for about an hour.  Had a great view for Noel too, about 5 from the front as the kids were watching Kanye’s rap/r & b nonsense, or whatever it is.

A small break from gigs now. Next up is Roger Waters in 2 weeks in an Arena and then Bon Iver in the Opera House in the middle of March.  Looking forward to both immensely.  Waters playing the Wall in full (not playing an actual brick wall, the album: The Wall) and Bon Iver doing his accousticy stuff in the Opera House…what more could you want.

Once the festival season kicks off in Europe I’ll be gig starved for 6 months, so I’m thinking about going to see Elbow (again) in March and maybe Lenny Kravitz (even though I only know 2 of his songs..but Wolfmother and the Cranberries are supporting – and I’d like to hear them sing Zombie).

Still haven’t found any good Australian bands.  Still looking and listening.  Oh and just as an aside…Australian TV and radio is shit.  Shit with a capital S.  So shit they make ITV look good.  Every radio station still plays Adele – Someone Like You what seems like once an hour, it won’t be long before this tune triggers someone going postal in work.


10 thoughts on “Gigs of the last 2 weeks…and a couple of others

  1. I’m envious 🙂

    You should definitely see Lenny. Heard cranberries live on the radio the other day – didn’t think Delores was all that really, shame as I like their stuff generally…..

    • Maxxy – Yeh I think Lenny will be good, I just don’t know that much of his stuff (when has that ever stopped me)! Cranberries are only supporting anyway so they’d probably be alright for half an hour….Jesus I’ve just looked on YouTube for their stuff…1993 Linger, Zombie etc came out, I feel old!

  2. That’s the sort of insane gig schedule I get involved in, although much kudos to you in actually making them all….My problem at the moment is I want to get The Beast in to all the Gigs I go to, which is very stressful…. The Photography is getting to be as important as the music….not sure that is a good thing…..

    As for Australian artists there are loads of them…..

    There’s INXS…oh no they are no longer relevant

    Crowed House ….No the split…

    Kylie…. No she is rubbish, cute but rubbish

    So ermm

    What about…

    That leaves us with….

    Rolf Harris

    So altogether now…..

    “Two little boys had two little toys….”

    Or how about the chance to hear his cover of Stairway to Heaven live featuring did didgeridoo, whipped out and played in public for the first time since the court injunction…

    • I suppose it depends on what you want out of going to a gig: enjoy the band or take photos? Maybe get a smaller camera to reach a happy medium (not Mystic Meg…wahey..see what I did there). I’ve banned myself from taking photos at gigs, although taking dodgy blurry photos with a phone or my small digital is a different ball game to yours!

      As for Aussie bands, probably Grinspoon and Boy & Bear are the only ones knocking about who are ‘alright’. The Living End seem to be popular too but not my cup of tea.

  3. You’ve been busy.
    I’ll have to get to the Fuji Rock Festival that happens on a ski hill in Niigata in August … and is nowhere near Mt. Fuji. I think it’s about the biggest 3 day concert in Japan, with a lot of big foreign bands, and is only 1 hour away … that I’ve never been to.

    • That’s an hour away from you and you’ve never been? Man, sort it out! Along with Coachella in California it’s the 1 other festival I’d love to go to, it looks brilliant (the scenery at least). Given I’m now on this side of the earth, maybe it’s realistically on the radar for me now. See you there in a couple of years 😉

  4. I’ve wanted to see the Arctic Monkeys for a while, just never got round to it. How do they stack up live compared to the Kasabian gigs you’ve been to? I’ve seen them 3 times (Earls Court, Brixton Academy and the O2 last New Years Eve) and all their shows were out of this world. Fantastic to be part of an audience that behaved better than Oasis fans, subsituting piss throwing for leaping around and singing.

    “as the kids were watching Kanye’s rap/r & b nonsense, or whatever it is” Now that’s funny!

    • I reckon Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian are sort of on par…but maybe Kasabian edge it as they get a bit more involved with the crowd, whereas AM just play their stuff and let the crowd do their thing.

      That’s one good thing about watching gigs over here…no more beer/piss throwing plebs.

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