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After being away from ‘home’ for over a year now, a lot of people said I’d start getting homesick.  I’ve not got there yet but it seems to be the done thing to go back (if only for a flying visit) to see family and friends.  I definitely haven’t got that urge yet…and as I told everyone when I left in December 2010…”I’ll be back for a few weeks in June 2013…so I can go to Glastonbury Festival”.  I’m still sticking to that plan!

What is good though, is having people come to visit you, albeit briefly.  Over the past month a couple of cousins have made (literally) a flying stop in Sydney and I’ve felt brilliant being able to show them around and show them where I’ve made my home.  After not seeing a familiar face for over a year it was very surreal to see people I know here too.  But it highlighted how far I’ve come – and not just in terms of distance.  I still laugh to myself that I can say “I live in Sydney”.

However, the distance plays a part when the one thing I’d love to do is show my family around; especially my dad, brothers and sister – just to be able to show them what I’ve done.  Emails, photos and phone calls aren’t enough to explain how, or why, Sydney makes me happy.

Unfortunately getting to Australia isn’t easy and certainly isn’t cheap, but hopefully I’ll be able to help towards the cost if they do decide to come over.  Especially for my Dad…the last I heard state pensions don’t help towards the cost of travel to the other side of the world!  Either I’ll have to help towards the cost, or they max out a couple of credit cards, never pay a penny back and move to the other side of the world like some people do *cough*.


9 thoughts on “Tour Guide

  1. It’s taken my nearly 6 years to get my sister to visit me and I don’t even live on the other side of the world. I hope your folks do make it over to visit you xx

  2. I’ve had 4 out of 5 of my brothers and sisters visit me in Japan … and one actually lived here for 4 years!, but the one I thought would never come is coming at the end of April! (happy face)

    note: It’s a waiting game: they are waiting for you to come back to England sooner than later … before they shell out the cash … when the option turns to later.

  3. I’m surprised you don’t at least miss your twin! You jaded git!! Anyway, I’m so glad you love your decision to live in a far-off land called Oz. Just remember to keep your ruby slippers near by in case you decide there’s no place like home.

  4. Dam CS if I knew there would be a free tour guide waiting in Australia I would have shelled out the extra and not booked just for Japan next year…..

    My Sister lives the other side of London and we saw each other just twice last year…..

    I ran into some Australians in Whistler (they should have got out of my way, just saying) and they claimed the cost of living in Australia has gone through the roof in the last few years…..It used to cost effective to import DVD’s and CDs as well but not anymore….What have you done to their economy?

    P.S. No offer on that watch, so you will have to wait a bit for that high pitched male singer you requested…. (I admit the joke does not work as well in written format but when has that ever stopped me)

    • BlackLOG – I would gladly show you around, but as the Australians said the cost of living is expensive, so my tour service prices will obviously reflect that 😉

      I think it’s been expensive here for a few years now (certainly before I got here), I can’t compare to what it used to be like a few years ago but I know someone I used to work with was out here about 5/6 yrs ago and he got $2 to every GBP1. But to give you some examples: I know you don’t drink, but a pint of beer works out to about AUD$9 (GBP 6-ish) each (although the schooner size glass is the standard size here and that’s $6ish). A single spirit (vodka, JD etc) and coke would be about $9 too. Even London isn’t that expensive! Gig tickets average $90 each (GBP 60).

      The wages are a lot higher than the UK though (kerching 😀 ), so I think it kinda evens itself out. On the plus side, next time I go back to England I’ll think everything is cheap!

      PS: I got a new laptop and no longer have a pound sign on the keyboard, hence the use of GBP.

      And as for the ‘joke’…

      *watches tumbleweed roll past*

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