Moving: pillows and duvets

Finally, I found a decent place to live!

I knew I’d get there eventually…I just didn’t anticipate it taking as long as it did.  But it was probably worth the wait, as the place itself is the best place I’ve viewed (and I’ve lost count of the number of places I’ve viewed over the past few months).  It’s also in the city so handy for everything that Sydney has to offer!

My two new housemates seem pretty decent so far.  They at least go out and are pretty social (unlike the last place I had the misfortune of living in – they got nosebleeds if they were out past 8pm).  So social wise, I think it will be a good move for me as I don’t know many people to go out with over here.  A house-warming night out already took me to several pubs/bars places I hadn’t been in before.  So things are looking up.  I can see myself being here for the long run.

I had to buy a few things to settle in though, top of the list was bedding.  So at the weekend I went to buy a couple of pillows and a duvet: goose down, duck down, feather & down, latex, memory foam, wool, cotton.  Too many options, all with different permutations and expense.  You need a degree in bedology before you attempt to buy this stuff.  How on earth are you supposed to know what’s what?  Who teaches you this?  Are you just supposed to know…and why is it so expensive?!

I’ve never had to buy this stuff before.  I remember only finding out that there was such a thing as a Tog rating about 6/7 years ago from a ditzy girl in work who said she had put her ‘summer duvet’ on the bed.  I looked at her like she had 2 heads…until I realised this was the norm:  I’d had 1 duvet which had done me through countless summers and winters.

Anyway, I came back from the shops with a pillow, a fitted bed sheet and duvet cover (I decided spending money on a duvet was a step too far and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money in one go, so I kinda bottled it).  I need to do some duvet research first, but it’s warm enough over, it’s not like I’m waking up with frostbite.

I got home from my shopping expedition and put the bed sheets on…they were massive…I’d bought stuff for a king size bed, not queen size.  D’oh.  I decided I didn’t like the pillow after I tried it properly either.

No problem thought I, I’ll take them back and exchange them.  Only, someone somewhere…quiet rightly (probably)….decided you cannot exchange bedding/pillows.


Anyone need king size sheets and a high-profile pillow (used once…minimal slobber)?


11 thoughts on “Moving: pillows and duvets

  1. So you have a fitted not right sheet and an uncomfortable pillow.
    Life could be worse: you could have a too small sheet and an uncomfortable pillow case on a comfortable pillow.

    note: hopefully this bedding experience is now embedded in your memory. hee hee!

    double note: I’ve bought so many uncomfortable pillows in my life: everytime I go to the bedding store is a pillow fight.

  2. You need a degree in bedology before you attempt to buy this stuff. How on earth are you supposed to know what’s what? Who teaches you this? Are you just supposed to know…and why is it so expensive?!
    It’s so expensive because the people who sell bedding have to have a degree in bedology, a 25 year course….with refreshers to keep up with bedding developments every 6 months….

    No problem thought I, I’ll take them back and exchange them. Only, someone somewhere…quiet rightly (probably)….decided you cannot exchange bedding/pillows.
    It’s a bit like underwear then….personally I think it takes a good couple of weeks for your underwear to settle in so feel you should be able to return it within a month of first using it.

      • I would suggest that you exchange the underwear once it starts sticking to the walls, for this system to work you will need to chuck your kegs (name for underwear that is not far short of being able to scuttle about under its own steam) at the wall every few days..saving not only a fortune but also a lot of effort doing unnecessary laundry…

  3. I have been able to return pillows in the United States… twice in fact. More lenient bedding rules here I suppose. Bedding is tricky, both definitions of bedding apply here.

    So glad to hear you’ve found a new place! I would be sad to keep giving your flatmates nosebleeds from your wild, late-night activities!

    Please tell me you aren’t getting an Aussie accent!

  4. G’day Sport. Just Droppin’ by to wish you a Merry Christmas down under, and a Happy New Year. Fair Dinkum. Hopefully You’ll be taking some time out, lying on the beach watching the White Pointers with your coldie in your hand.

    Take it Easy, Hoo roo….

    ( thanks to the online Australian slang dictionary for the cool / rediculous lingo 😉 )

    Merry Christmas

    • Thanks Maxxy. The beach was the initial plan, but believe it or not it’s been pissing down in Syndey on and off for about 3 weeks now. Although they reckon it might be sunny on Christmas Day…here’s hoping. I’ll probably be indoors getting pished somewhere anyway 😉

  5. Happy Christmas sir and I hope you enjoy your first upsidedown Christmas….If I could have got the flights on Airmailes I would have come to Aus as it is you will just have to watch out for me waving from Japan…. Thanks for the entertainment and for showing us that you can follow your dreams….

    Regards and a manly none sexual virtual hug


  6. If you had a wife buying your bedding for you you’d have the proper size sheets, pillows and would indeed have summer and winter bedding… Sighs. Both are a must. Wives and summer/winter bedding)

    I have memory foam, queen size super comfy plus a heated mattress pad for cold winter nights.

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