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Kings of Leon – Allphones Arena

I’ve seen Kings of Leon 3 times previously – but it was a few years ago now, so I was interested to see if they’d go through the motions or not. Unfortunately, initially at least, they did go through the motions for most of it. Four songs in and not so much as a ‘Hello Sydney’.

I’ve never been one who moans if the band doesn’t speak to the crowd, I’d rather do without the fake “[Insert city name here], we love playing here/this is our favourite place” etc. But give them their due, they did seem to get into it half way through. They weren’t exactly mind-blowing (I think I knew what to expect as well), but they were pretty solid.

Boy & Bear – Enmore Theatre

A few months ago, an internet stranger recommended Boy & Bear to me because they were of similar ilk to Mumford & Sons (who I like) – they actually supported Mumford & Sons when they toured in Australia. They’d also sold out the Enmore Theatre for the previous day on the Saturday, so I was intrigued to see what the fuss was about (hoping I could tell my mates about my new ‘tip for the top’ discovery down under).

Acoustic guitar – check

folky sound – check

As good as Mumford & Sons – Nope.

Will they make it big – probably not.


Mr S. Cowell

I like their song ‘Feedling Line’ though.

I spent most of the time looking around wondering how good the Arctic Monkeys will be when they play in there in January (somewhere that isn’t a huge 10k capacity arena). My conclusion, with the hairs on the back of my neck standing up: “immense”.

Harvest Festival

The inaugural Harvest Festival. A one day, 10k capacity festival, with a line up which included Portishead, The National and The Flaming Lips surely couldn’t disappoint, could it?

You could walk from one end of the site to the other within 5 mins and with minimal band clashes you could mostly watch whole sets before moving yo-yoing with the crowd inbetween stages.

I managed to catch This Town Needs Guns, The Family Stone, The Walkmen, PVT, TV On The Radio, Bright Eyes, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Mogwai, The National and Portishead.

I’m just disappointed that I didn’t stick around for Flaming Lips (but I’d seen them a couple of years ago at Glastonbury) – opting instead, to get a couple of beers and a decent spec. at the other stage for Portishead.

I wasn’t sure how Portishead’s music would go down at a festival. When it was announced they were playing over here I was hoping they’d also play at the Opera House. But alas, they didn’t…they didn’t need to.

I’ve never heard a crowd that large be so quiet during songs. The best behaved crowd I’ve seen; no cheers in the quiet bits, no screams, no stupid yelling out…even the singer commented on at the end “thanks for being quiet”.

Invisible Band
Invisible Band

I never thought I’d get to hear ‘Roads’, live, so that was a personal favourite. As was the chest thumping bass of ‘Machine Gun’ and the hauntingly quiet ‘Wandering Star’.

Side Note:

Crowds at gigs seem to be a bit more civilized over here, not least because I’m still yet to see a plastic cup of beer/piss get thrown. Normally, in England at least, Kings of Leon would be enough to bring all the knobhead beer throwing tools out in force.

Enimen plays here in 2 weeks, I’d like to see him, but I’m not willing to pay nearly $200 for the privilege. So, it looks like the next concert will be Fleet Foxes at The Opera House on 2nd Jan.

Which way?

Which way?


8 thoughts on “Live Stuff

  1. I would love to see the Arctic Monkeys (anywhere) but the idea of a small venue sounds fab. I’m so gutted that we missed them by four nights when in Minnesota otherwise we could have seen them in a small(ish) American venue. Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver should both be great and I can’t believe you saw one of my favourite bands, Bright Eyes, in Oz.

    The idea of civilised festivals sound very appealing to me. Must be my age though for thinking that. 🙂

    • Michelle
      I’ve seen Arctic Monkeys 6 times already, they’re really good live.

      The festival was very civilised, I enjoyed it, but give me 6 days of debauchery at Glastonbury any day!

      I did actually think about you when I was watching Bright Eyes, as I know you’ve mentioned Conor Oberst in the past. I don’t think I appreciated seeing them as much as you would’ve!

  2. I could certainly live with well mannered non Beer/water/piss chucking hooligans – Managed to get upstairs at the Electric Ballroom to watch Pigeon Detectives which gave an great view of the Moshing – the dynamics were fascinating all fun and hugging one minute followed by aggression and violence the next….Noticeably the bouncers didn’t go for the big moshers but picked on the little ones , probably deciding the big ones could look after themselves….

  3. I’ve heard of “Sons of Leon” and have their first CD … which I’ve never played. All the others I have no idea about. I’m out of it probably (mostly probably) … and listening to sadbastard music.
    Just put me in an oldfolks home and play AC/DC. hee hee!

    • The first couple of Sons of Leon albums are good. Arguably better than the later albums which took them to where they are today. Listen to it…you never know, you might like it 😉

      No music is sadbastard music…apart from country…and heavy, heavy metal.

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