House hunting

Since the immigration people realised I’d be a loss to the country if they let me leave, the hunt is on for somewhere decent to live.

The only problem is, it’s not easy to find somewhere I like – which isn’t paying silly money – in Sydney.

I’m currently living in the middle of the city now and ideally I want to stay in the middle of the city (or as close as). The place where I am now, location wise, it’s perfect.  But I live with twats.

Actually that’s probably a bit harsh. Let’s just say they’re…different.

I could rent a place in the suburbs, but I didn’t move to Sydney to live in the sticks. So that means I need to rent a shared place again – which I don’t mind doing – I can afford to live in the city. I just can’t afford a place on my own.

Plus, I can count the number of people I know here on my fingers so I want to be in a shared house. If only to try and find people I can go out with now and again.

It all seems straight forward enough “just go on the internet, there’s loads of rooms”.

There are loads of rooms, but they’re either filled with non-english speaking people, or the proper places are few and far between and they are snapped up more or less within a day or two of being advertised, or they’re just too expensive.

I’ve missed out on 4 places in the past couple of weeks, 3 because I was too slow (I spent 48 hours contemplating if I could afford one place, before eventually deciding yes…only to find it’d gone. Sigh).

As the house hunting goes on and on, week after week, I keep telling myself ‘something is going to come up, anytime now’. Then nothing does.

I’m not sure what I’m waiting for – the ideal place isn’t going to materialise. But then, neither do I want to pay similar rent to live a bus/train ride away.  I know I’d move out to the suburbs but look longingly at the city like a love sick teenager. I wouldn’t be happy.

The (tiresome) search continues.


6 thoughts on “House hunting

  1. Listen to your gut feeling……you ARE right……something WILL come along. I’m a firm believer in that thinking. Everything happens for a reason. You will find something, you just have to be ready when it appears. You say you were contemplating for 48 hours to decide whether you could afford it. Get the budget in your head already. Then it’s a straight yes / no. Make sure the rental agency places know you’re actively looking ( presumably they have estate agencies over there that do rentals ?? ) and pester them regularly for new stuff. Maybe try and find someone who would rent with you, rather than finding a room to rent with people already there, might give you more choice.

    Good luck bud, I know you’ll find something soon…… 🙂

  2. Something will come along around a corner … you just can’t see that it’s not this corner, maybe the next … or out of the corner of your eye.
    Don’t get discouraged; it will happen.

    I agree with Maxxy, “Maybe try and find some nympho women who would rent with you,” hee hee!
    I don’t read so good sometimes.

    • Maxxy
      Agree with you about listening to my gut feeling, just as I was right that I knew I’d get a visa I know I’ll find somewhere. It’s just taking longer than I thought (or hoped)!
      Good idea about finding people to rent with initially, there are a couple of websites which put you in touch with people to do that.

      That’s exactly what I’m waiting for..a flat full of nympho women 🙂

      • Well at least if YOU’RE the one doing the interviewing you can choose who you rent with. And as Ross says you can put together your own checklist. Female – check, no boyfriend – check, loaded – check, nymph – check. All Good !!!! LOL

  3. The place where I am now, location wise, it’s perfect. But I live with twats.
    Think of it like a game of scrabble and see if you can throw out the letters that aren’t working for you*, replacing them with a whole new fresh set of letters…

    i.e. Any chance of getting the twats to move out?

    * If you throw the Scrabble letters out of your window, you get the chance to see what “The word on the street is….”

    • No chance of getting them to move out, it’s their place. It’d be like me moving into your house and then deciding I like it enough and force you out. It’s not gonna happen!

      *groans at Scrabble “joke” !

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