The Plan

I first mentioned about wanting to go to Australia on this blog, in August 2009.  Then eventually, in March 2010 I had formulated The Plan.  It wasn’t a very detailed plan, but it involved a one way ticket, not a lot of money, and hopes and dreams of staying in Australia.

Since I’ve been in Australia and on a 12 month Working Holiday Visa, I haven’t been much of a backpacker.  That’s because I had one goal.

My goal involved coming to Australia and trying to get a decent job which would provide me with a sponsorship to stay here.

Maybe I set my sights too high, it wasn’t exactly easy to do with no ‘trade skills’ or even experience in an occupation on the skills immigration list.  But I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’.  In my opinion, at the time, it was worth giving it a go.  At the very least I’d get to spend time in Australia and get to do and see things I’d always only dreamt of.

After a few dodgy jobs I finally landed a decent 3 month temporary role in Sydney CBD, which eventually turned into 6 months.  I liked the job, the people and the place, and at every opportunity I asked my boss if they would keep me.

My boss did want me to stay, but said there would be no chance of being sponsored for a visa, so it never went any further.

Then one day, about 6 weeks ago, my boss called me into a meeting.  Either I’d bugged them enough about wanting to stay or I’d proved I could do a decent job – maybe it was both as they were going to look into the sponsorship thing.  But at the same time I was told firmly not to get my hopes up.

A few weeks after that and after various powers that be gave the go-ahead.  I then applied for, was interviewed and then offered a permanent job – on condition of an employee sponsorship visa being granted.  The job and offer, was better than I had even anticipated and hoped for (which was a bonus)!

Today, my 4 year employer sponsorship visa was granted.


It’s been over 10 years since I first mentioned to family that I wanted to go to Australia – it took a while, but I finally got here and doing my best to make it last!

The Plan:  it was never very detailed.  It didn’t need to be, I knew what I wanted to do:  Go to Australia.  Get a job in Sydney.  Stay.  Easy (ish)!

(Next mission: find somewhere decent to live!)


15 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Congratulations! Brilliant news. You’ve been talking about this for years and it’s really good to hear that you’ve finally got what you aimed for. Makes selling up and doing your own thing all worth it. Good luck! (and blog more)

  2. Jo
    Thanks Jo. I will try and blog more, I haven’t recently just because I wouldn’t have been able to without mentioning the visa (and I didn’t want to blog about it until it was done and dusted).

    Don’t be jealous, if I can make the move over here, anyone can…do it! I’ll give you a wave back!

  3. The simple plans are always the best ones, like

    Get a photo pass for a concert –

    – (Complicated plan) email the lead singer of the group you are going to see and ask for a photo pass

    Get photo pass, sometimes you just have to go for it.

    OK not quite as impressive as leaving your home, friends and family and traipsing halfway around the world but I still had to risk rejection….

    Well done my blogging friend… Isn’t it about time you changed the name of the blog to something like

    I came in peace so why is everything trying to kill me…

    • j
      Thank you 🙂

      I emailed members of Gomez and Elbow when they played over here a few months ago for freebies. I’m still waiting for a reply. Good job I’d bought tickets anyway.
      I might be in the land down under, but I’m still a cynical git. The name stays… 🙂

  4. Woo Hoo!
    Good job! Good things happen to everyone … sometimes … if they are in the right situation, and pestery.

    note: 4 years! (good job, well done, pats on the back, and hooraas!)

    note: the Japanese Government has come out with a “5 year Residence Visa” available next year. I’m going to get me one. It may take longer to get the lifetime one, but I will keep asking. (at the moment I have the maximum 3 year one)

  5. planetross,
    Thanks! As the Guinnes advert says, Good things come to those who wait!
    Good luck getting your visa. I know I can apply for a permanent resident visa here in 2 years. So that’ll be the next one for me 🙂

    Thanks mate, it was easy in the end 😉

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Top Man !!!! – You must be absolutely stoked……

    Just shows anything is possible if you put your mind to it. If you’ve been to my blog page, you’ll see that I am trying to do what I’ve always wanted to do, and I’ve started making moves towards writing an album. It’s slow, and like you, the plan is vague, with no firm dealines. ( my original goal was to have an albums worth of material by the time I’m 40. That deadline rolls around April next year ). But to have started the ball rolling feels good.

    Well done my man, have a beer on me…….

  7. Maxxy
    Thanks, I am stoked and I’ve already had a few beers!!
    I have been reading your blog – sorry not much of a commenter. Once you have an abums worth before you know it. I’ll save a beer for you…

    Excellent: *said like Mr Burns, whilst clasping hands together

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