5 paragraphs and 1 photo

Last week I went to see Spiritulized in the Opera House. I’ve never been their biggest fan, but having always fancied watching them as I quite like them in a ‘they’re alright them’ type way. They played their album ‘Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’ in full. Which meant they made a 50 minute (ish) album last about an hour and a half or so. So how do you do that? Well, you just make loads of noise for 10 minutes in-between songs, add some strobes flying in every direction to blind you and kill your every sense then segue into the next song, just before people start rocking and frothing at the mouth. Official review: “It was alright”.

I’ve managed to pay back my mate for the money he borrowed to me when I came over here, so no debts now (apart from the thousands I left and stopped paying off on my credit cards…but shusssh, I won’t mention it if you won’t). Which means I can start doing stuff (whilst I have income again), ticket has been bought for a few gigs: Elbow and Gomez – thinking about going to see Glasvegas too – but like the buses, you wait for one to come along and they all come at the same time – they all play in the same week. Plus Pulp are playing over here at the same time too. Spoilt for choice…if I was a fan.

I haven’t got to make new mates as such yet though, I’ve sort of gone back into my shell a little bit and I’m finding it hard to meet people.  Although I’m getting on with everyone in work they don’t seem to do much like after work drinks, which is kinda what I hoped would be a regular occurrence to make some out of work mates. But we’re out next week after work so we’ll see.

Aussie Rules Football…I went to watch Sydney Swans a couple of weeks ago. I used to always watch it on Saturday mornings on Channel 4 as a kid and I’ve always wanted to go and see a match. I ended up with a ticket in the members pavilion at Sydney Cricket Ground after someone offered me a ticket outside. If there was anywhere to feel like you don’t belong it was me in there – but not for any reason other than ‘fucking hell i’m sat in the members pavillion’ I felt like I was going to get kicked out any second. I didn’t really have a clue what was going on, but it was a good experience, I’ll probably go again in a few weeks anyway. C’mon the swans!

Vivid Sydney is on during the next few weeks around the harbour. They have light installations beaming 3D projections onto the Opera House and a few other buildings and other ‘oooo good lights’ bits around there. It’s quite impressive if you’re the type to get easily impressed by lights.  Like me.


5 thoughts on “5 paragraphs and 1 photo

  1. It’s odd how we watch none native sport on TV in the UK and think we know enough about them to enjoy them live. I remember getting excited about watching a baseball match in New York (it couldn’t be that hard to understand, it’s only rounder’s with big sissy gloves….. ) Bugger me it has so many if rules I was lost within a few innings, fortunately a Granny took pity and tried to explain most of the nuances which was great. Only trouble it was the equivalent of a no score draw, only Yanks don’t do draws and the game just went on and on. I think we left after the 15th Innings, but I had long since given up caring and never watched the sport again once I got back home….. Sorry Spiritulized didn’t turn out much cop, I was never one of their fans and although some groups can extend music live others just have no idea…plinky, plinky plonk for 10 minutes is not extended play it is torture…..

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