Living In A Bubble

My living arrangements haven’t been going too bad, certainly not as bad as I expected anyway. But one thing that does annoy me is sharing the apartment with a couple. Not only do they never go anywhere, apart from work, they live in a bubble.

Whilst I understand that’s how things are when you’re with the one, it’s just seems too much to me. They’re annoying me.

They’re creatures of habit. I could tell you what they’re doing and where they’ll be for the rest of the year. Sundays, for example, is shopping day…but only ever between midday and 2 – then they’ll be back for lunch..before going back out again before the market closes, to get the cheaper fruit and veg.

They never go out to the pub (“we don’t like drinking too much” – 2 glasses of wine at home is going crazy); or to restaurants (“we don’t like them all, they are all horrible, it’s cheaper to cook at home”); or even go the cinema (“it’s too expensive, I can download what I want to watch”). If they were short of a few bob I’d understand it, but they have decent jobs so I don’t think they are.

If one of them isn’t home the other will hibernate in the bedroom until the other returns. They will then somehow spend about 2 hours a night cooking and cleaning in the worlds smallest kitchen. They’ll also eat from the same plate (this also annoys me a lot), before cleaning things again (what do they spend that long cleaning?).

I reckon they’ve never been in separate rooms at home, for longer than 30 minutes. Yet it doesn’t seem like one is smothering the other either.

They complain of working for The Man, The Man, governments and all that malarkey, yet they are model drones. Go to work, come home, go to work, come home (repeat to death).

To be fair, they’re both nice people – apart from one of them questioning why I was drinking coca-cola with soup (as if I’d just killed kittens): “it’s an addiction”. “No it’s not, I’ve drank about 4 million gallons of water/juice and I fancied a change”. Anyway, I digress.

Part of me would love to be that happy and content with someone; where I don’t go out or do anything. Another part of me thinks, what’s the point in doing that? If I have money, I go out and spend it (hence hardly ever being able to save up for anything. Ever).

But it’s not that they don’t spend money on things I wouldn’t think twice about – it’s finding reasons not to do things. Just go out and do something for a change…without wondering how The Man might be conning you in some way, shape or form.

It might just be me, but I just can’t picture myself in someone else’s pocket that much without doing other things.  Distractions.  If someone was at my feet all the time I’d go postal. I’d have to burst the bubble.

(I’m still not ready for a relationship am I?!).


21 thoughts on “Living In A Bubble

  1. I wouldn’t say that means you’re not ready for a relationship. I’d say it means you’re not ready for an unhealthy relationship, which is what that is. Only existing as one half of a couple is not healthy at all. I would feel totally suffocated by that and bolt. Not wanting it just means you’re independent and in possession of a personality!

  2. I’m incredibly easy to suffocate. That sounds like what those two are doing; you’re smart for not wanting that.

  3. I don’t think it’s about not wanting be in a relationship, I think it’s about not wanting to be in one that controls every other aspect of your life. If there’s one thing my failed relationships have told me, it’s that you can still (and should still) have an active social life when you’re going out with someone, and not spend life in the other’s pockets (no matter how comfy they are).

    Or you end up like a hermit.

    Like your housemates.

    Who sound RIVETING.

  4. Very rigid people.
    Don’t you just know they are saying things like “I can’t believe Cynical is putting that ice cube in his coke, which just puts more money in the hands of the water company”

      • Leigh
        I’m definitely independent….not sure on the personality thing… 😉

        I’d be suffocated in that kind of relationship too

        When my mates got new girlfriends, they all annoyed the hell out of me the way they’d dissapear for months on end as every living, breathing second would be spent with the new girl. But a hermit is something I’m not aspiring to be.

        My housemates are riveting! They have plus points, such 1) she makes nice cakes every once in a while, 2) errr..

        More rigid than statues.

        You’re right, there are plus points (not many). I do find myself being King of the living room more often than I expected.

        Right after I read that second paragraph I pictured Nick Ross and Sue Cook saying “don’t have nightmares”. Thanks for that everlasting image. Thanks a lot!

  5. It is never easy to share space with people but I would say (sorry I’m putting on my sensible hat) that as annoying as the congenital couple are, they :-

    are clean – can you imagine the joys of going into the kitchen after they had cooked and instead of leaving it spotless it was littered with dirty pans and plates (yes more than one plate – it does happen in couples – although I’m sad to report not with desserts in restaurants – curse you Mrs B I wanted all of my pudding…. )

    give you space – Strange as it is, that they don’t want to share their single time with you, it does at least give you your own space. Think of the alternative that they both fancy the pants off you and don’t trust themselves to be in your presence on their own….It’s a thought …..Sorry if this gives you nightmares, you might want to lock your door at night in case he can’t control his primeval urges….and she brings the video camera…..

  6. sadly – I am that couple !! 😦 I spend my life as this bizarre entity called Mr & mrs Maxx. Mrs Maxx believes that you get married to be together. Ergo – why would you want to do anything that doesn’t involve the other person. May as well not get married right ?? Choosing to go out somewhere without her is choosing that thing OVER her. Why would someone do that ?? Can’t love them very much then huh ?? – After the first 10 years, you get into the groove of just agreeing and not breathing. After almost 20 years it becomes second nature. Doesn’t stop you getting a little bitter now again though 😉

    • Maxxy
      My advice is…Get out of it, get out of it now…it’s never too late! 🙂
      At least you go out together, these 2 don’t even go out unless it’s to go shopping – on a Sunday, at midday.
      I think you’ve said before you’re happy…and that’s the main thing. These 2 are happy (I think), but it’s definitely not something I aspire to!

  7. They eat from the same plate?

    Give it a few years and you’ll be reading about these two, or rather the surviving one of them in a true crime report somewhere. And it will be gruesome, mark my words.

    • toyboys
      Yeh, it’s odd to say the least it’s not all the time but it’s often enough. They do enough washing up so it can’t be cos they can’t be arsed washing another plate.

      Ha, they’ll be cannibals, eating leg from the same plate. They’re just getting the training in now.

  8. That sounds like the most boring relationship ever. Punch me in the face if I ever get into one like that. Honestly.

    When I was looking for a new place a while ago, I realized that one place I was looking at would mean I would be living with a couple and I nixed it RIGHT AWAY. I mean, what if you want to make some scrambled eggs and they’re fighting in the kitchen? Hell to the no.

    • J
      They don’t argue that much – if ever. But they are constantly in the kitchen….many minutes/hours have past when I’ve thought ‘I’ll just wait for them to finish then I’ll make some toast’…only for one of them to be in there still doing something an hour or so later.

      Alas, I’ve tentatively started looking for a new place.

  9. How long have they been together? Sounds like not too long. Husband and I have live together for a lifetime but enjoy time apart and our own plates, thank you.

    I say just grin and bear it and think of all the dosh you’re saving.

    • …that being said… I think I’d also try to find another place to live where the other tenants aren’t so “touchy-feely.” It’s enough to make one hurl.

      • S.Le
        I’m grinning and bearing it for now. It’s not like they are touchy feely kissing all the time or anything – cos that would send me mental. As you say, for a couple of sacrifices, I’m saving dosh.

  10. That sounds like a person I work with, except she is a single, not a couple.
    Apart from being “nice people” and “working for the Man”: you’ve describe her to a tee/tea/T.

    • planetross
      I should send these 2 your way then…no idea why, but just to get them out my hair for a bit. Even though I’m technically in their hair given it’s their apartment I’m staying in. Hmmm. You get my gist. 😉

  11. Ohhh, I wish my other half would come shopping with me. Someone else to help carry the heavy bags *dreams*.
    Seriously though, I love my boyfriend to bits but I would go mad if we spent all our free time sitting around the flat together. Admittedly we usually do go out together, but that’s mostly because I don’t have any friends here that aren’t his friends as well (god, how sad does that make me sound?! No friends of my own :-/ )

  12. Velcro couple are an eye opener indeed. I think I am at risk of getting this way…if my bf and I lived in the same country that is. I think we should do something each day that is surprising for us (and our housemates’ sanity too)

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