I’m new

Work has been going well so far, but it’s odd to say the least, that after 12 years in one job and then being the new boy on campus.  Not least the amount of new information I’m trying to digest alongside the alien acronyms that everyone else understands. Although my brain has nearly imploded with information overload – I’ve now also got more usernames and passwords than my brain will ever need to remember.

Some logins work; some which don’t work; some which I can’t apply for until I’ve logged into other systems (of which I still don’t have access to); and half which don’t work when they should.  Then there is one login which should’ve reset a handful of the others so you only have one set of login details to remember.

Confused? Yep, so am I. Especially when none of them work and I’m not set up on each system yet, so most of my time has been spent on the phone to the IT Helpdesk:

“Hi, I need my password resetting please”.

“…login details which should’ve replaced that and that haven’t worked…and neither do my original login details” etc. etc.

I think the IT nerd thought I’d killed kittens for a living when he asked if the prefix in my outlook username was (literally) something like this: wn00786st. I said no it’s not. He yelled down the phone “FUCKS SAKE! It’s always wn00786st, backslash, backslash, then your username”.

I laughed and replied “I’m new, how am I supposed to know all that?”

He managed to compose himself when he realised what he’d done, but then got even more frustrated when he couldn’t remotely connect to my computer.  I knew from the tone in his voice that his World of Warcraft character had recently told him she didn’t want his babies.

I’ll never meet this IT guy as they are in a different city, but you know that Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons?…I know he’ll be of similar ilk to him.

I reckon I’ve got a good grasp of this computer lark, so god knows how they manage to get anyone logged into anything.  Apparently it’s normal: “Give it 2/3 week before you get all your login stuff working properly” said a colleague today.  You’d think I was working at MI5 or something.

Still, it means I get to stare at the Harbour Bridge whilst I’m on hold to the helpdesk (probably waiting behind other plebs who have forgotten their passwords, and who have overthrown his guild of elves, too). I’m expecting more of the same tomorrow.

It’s been years since I was able to say it, so “I’m new, I don’t know” has got a few weeks use to go at least.

What’s even better is within 5 minutes of leaving my desk, I can be down lifts, across the road, up other lifts (inside another shiny thing) and emerge – with popped ears – at a bar, for after work drinks up here:

Top of a shiny building from another one

Top of a shiny building from another one

If I don’t get overthrown by the password police, I think I might like it here.


10 thoughts on “I’m new

  1. It’s been years since I was able to say it, so “I’m new, I don’t know” has got a few weeks use to go at least.
    I’m getting to the stage where I can start saying “I’m old, I don’t know” as far as I’m concerned this can last for the rest of my life ….

    My firm uses a help desk service in India, it takes the first hour of any conversation to establish who I am and that I actualy do work for my firm. The rest of the conversation is spent with me asking them to repeat what they just said because I didn’t understand them…

  2. I thought I was the only one with about 6 different log in’s whose passwords must be changed every month or so. Drives me out of my mind when they don’t work. It’s odd but even though I use them every single day now and then I just draw a blank as to what the log in is and have to get out my cheat sheet.

    Im not certain but I think if the IT guy or anyone at my company said “Fuck Sake” they might be fired that very day. (Not that I would rat them out) Maybe they would get a written warning.

    That is a amazing view out your window. Maybe shiney is better.

  3. I haven’t been the new guy for 13 years. Being the new guy is easy: being the other guy … not so much.
    It’s usually a learning curve for the new guy. It’s usually a pain in the ass for the other guy. hee hee!

    note: the other guy usually has patience … or invisible rolling eyeball syndrome.

    double note: good view from the watering hole!

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