Shiny thing make it all better

My brother argued with me last week telling me I should get away from Sydney; to go and see a bit. Leaving the cost of that aside for one second – I never left England telling people I was going backpacking around Oz. I left saying “I’m going to Sydney”. Maybe that’s short sighted after coming all this way, but I also left England with no return ticket – with no plan or desire to go back.

The preferred way for me to extend my stay here is through an employer sponsorship. Or I bite the bullet, spend a few grand and hope my borderline points score would be accepted for a permanent visa. So for now, the cheaper (and potentially easier) route is finding a half decent job and and employer sponsorship. With the likelihood of me finding sponsorship in the outback being zilch, so Sydney it is – for now.

The past few months have since been spent squinting at my netbook whilst searching and applying for more jobs than I’d like to count. Maybe I was a bit naive before I came here; that I’d find work (given my background/experience in officey-managey-adminy work) quite easily. After all, there are officey-managey-adminy workplaces the world over, yet I haven’t found it easy at all. I’m hoping it’s the fact that I stated on my CV that I’m on a 12 month visa (I’d rather no waste their time or mine) and that’s a deciding factor – with them opting for people not on temporary visa’s – to half the jobs my CV has ended up in the bin for. But even after I signed up with the recruitment agencies, who were impressed with my CV, I thought “that’s it now, I’ll have work coming out of my ears”. Yet that didn’t happen either, and faced with a dwindling bank balance my inner girl screamed.  Loudly.

The past few weeks I’ve gone to the odd job here and there from the recruitment agencies, but nothing longer than a week – and always as a last minute notice. So knowing if I’ve got money coming in (or just going out) has been a bit of a drain to say the least.

One glimmer of hope came a couple of weeks ago when an employer phoned me, regarding a full time permanent position I’d applied for, to ask about my visa status. After I told them and explained I’d need sponsorship to stay, they called back a few hours later still wanting to interview me ‘if you’re the right candidate sponsorship won’t be a problem’. But 24 hours later they “postponed all recruitment for 3 weeks throughout the company”. Funny that. Although they said I’m still on the shortlist and they’ll definitely call to tell me what’s happening, I’m not holding my breath for the due phone call next week.

However finally the recruitment agency came up trumps for me. Yesterday they told me they’d given my CV to an employer and that they’d like to interview me for a 3 month contract. That interview was this afternoon which I thought went well. Thankfully the employer thought it went well too and subject to a police check (hopefully I’ve not been found guilty of murder without knowing) I start in just over a week. I was paid quite well in the UK but given the current exchange rate, the job pays more than that too – for less work/responsibility!  I knew this coming to Sydney lark would be easy the end!

It might only be for 3 months, (there is a possibility it’ll be extended). But more than anything else, it’s guaranteed income – to say I’m relieved is a massive understatement. It’s a chance to build my coffers up again and if the contract extension doesn’t happen, I can reassess my situation. Maybe then I can go and do what my brother said and travel a bit more, to see Australia and not just Sydney. But like I said to him, there’s no rush, I’m not backpacking, I’ve got the rest of my life to see it 😉

PS: Oh and the best thing about it? I’ve always wanted to work in one of them shiny skyscrapers for some reason. I’ll be working in a big shiny building. Shiny thing make it all better.  Whoo Hoo!


20 thoughts on “Shiny thing make it all better

  1. Well done on getting a job and working in a shiny building! You will be able to see the rest of Oz on your holidays from work.

    PS – like your new blog layout – very clean. 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle 🙂

      The new layout was something of an accident and I can’t be arsed to find better one/put it back the way it was/find or create a new decent header – hence the white), but a change is as good as a rest!

  2. Good to hear things are looking up in the monetary inflow department.
    All good things come to those who wait … although the waiting part sucks.

    note: maybe it should be “all good things come to those who wait it out … longer than other punters who decide not to wait it out as long as those who are definitely determined to wait things out longer than they are willing to do.”

    • They’ll be looking upwards once I start that’s for sure (I might find out I’m a convicted felon yet)!

      I know a few people who have tried and moved on from Sydney, gone elsewhere, but are now heading back as it hasn’t worked out as they’d hoped. Depends what you’re looking for I suppose….horses for courses.

  3. subject to a police check (hopefully I’ve not been found guilty of murder without knowing)
    Without at least a record for stealing a loaf of bread, you have no hope…They are never going to trust someone without a criminal record….Ooops did I type that out loud…looks like I’m going to be made welcome when I never visit….

    PS: Oh and the best thing about it? I’ve always wanted to work in one of them shiny skyscrapers for some reason. I’ll be working in a big shiny building. Shiny thing make it all better. Whoo Hoo!
    Wow, when did Australia get shiny corrugated Iron…..Oh, god I typed that out loud as well didn’t I…..

    Sorry for any anti Australian feelings in this week’s comment….I’m sure you will forgive me after you read next week’s BlackLOG about having to endure a Kylie concert…can’t say much more at the moment it’s all still a bit too raw….

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