This weeks post is sponsored by The Love Boat

In the space and time continuum since my last post, I’ve had a brief stint at Australian working life.  It was too brief, but it did bring some light relief to my bank account.

I got the (albeit) brief job from the recruitment agency; the job was supposed to last 3 or 4 weeks, with a possible extension.  Okey doke says I.  I think I got 3 days in when I knew I’d be lucky to make it past 3 weeks.  Not because I was shit, but just because the company I was at couldn’t afford the agency fees. The job was a piece of piss whilst it lasted, and I at least had a laugh with the girl I was working with (who has subsequently invited me to her house-warming party next week – not sure if she was just being friendly or something else…I’m not sure if I’ll go yet, but I’m erring on the side of caution as I’ve given up trying to read signals from the female species).

So (is it bad to start paragraphs with the word ‘so’? I hope so, I’m in a rebellious mood), I’m back to on the job hunt whilst also hoping the recruitment monkeys come up trumps for me soon – thus saving me the tedious job of looking at the same employment websites day after day. Plus I’ve already had my fill of the brilliance of Australian TV, the highlight being mid-morning screenings of The Love Boat.  Although my funds are too low for comfort I’m strangely not stressing about it, I know I’ll get something in the next week-ish…

*crosses everything and squeezes stress ball*

I’ve also realised I need to find new mates. [insert lone violinist] All the mates I’ve made whilst being here have no either moved on or gone home and whilst I’ve now settled into the apartment where I’m staying none of them go out.  Ever.  Schoolboy error on my part, I should’ve interviewed them before I moved in to assess their ‘going on the piss’ with potential.  (This nearly sounds like I could be writing this sat at home in England)!  But I’ve made friends in the pubs and bars before since being here, I can do it again [lone violinist: exit stage left].

There is one thing I’ve wanted to do since I’ve been in Sydney and that’s to go and watch something at the Opera House, I didn’t really care what, I’ve just wanted to go and see a performance of something inside it (preferably something cheap and not something gay, like ballet).  Last weekend I seen an advert that the YouTube Symphony Orchestra are playing this weekend. After scouring the internet to see if they were any good and if it was worth going, I came to the conclusion that, for me, it was.  So I’m going to Saturday afternoon’s matinée (it was cheap) performance.  The songs (is songs right? or is it scores?!) they are playing are listed on the Opera House website, but given I don’t know much classical music they all read like a foreign food menu to me.  “I’ll know it if I heard it”, so I hope they play something I know otherwise I’ll be standing up and shouting “Play the one from Apocalypse Now or Platoon.”

It’ll be something else to tick off the list anyway and I’m still as happy as that bloke called Larry.

PS: Check back next week for Cynical Scribble’s scathing review of classical music: which will potentially include the words ‘it was a bit boring…and they didn’t play anything from a film’.


10 thoughts on “This weeks post is sponsored by The Love Boat

  1. The Love Boat? Jesus, that’s rank. At least we’ve got Jeremy Kyle. Oh. Wait… 🙂

    Hope it all pans out quickly and well for you. Do you have any technical/developer skills? I’ve got an IT contact in Sydney I could tap up for you.

    • Brennig
      No techy/developer skills unfortunately, thanks for the offer though 🙂 I’m not even sure what I’d class as my ‘skills’! As ever, it’ll work itself out, I’m strangely not that worried about it (for a change)!

  2. Next week I expect you’ll be all cultured and stuff from listening to Classical music. You will be called, “Proper Cynical” and tut-tut all of us who are main stream music fans.

    Good luck finding another job. Hope the next one sticks.

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