No longer homeless, but still jobless

I’ve finally got myself out of hostels and moved into an apartment.  It’s on George Street (which is the main street running through the centre of Sydney), I couldn’t be in a better location if I tried.
I’m sharing with 3 other people in the apartment so there are 4 of us here altogether.  The only downside is that I don’t have my own room.  I’m sharing a room with 1 other person, it’s not ideal, but given what I can afford and the fact that I’ve been sharing with at least 4 people in hostels for the past few months anyway, it’s no different.
Other places I’ve looked at for a similar price have 8 people in the apartment and 4 in each room, given my budget, even though it’s not ideal this will do me for now.  It works out cheaper than hostels too plus, I now haven’t got the hassle of either moving hostels or having to anticipate when I need book to ensure I’ve got a bed in a hostel without moving.  It’s not ideal – only cos I don’t have my own room, everything else about it is ace – but this’ll do me for now.
I just need to get a job now.  I had an interview with a recruitment agency yesterday who said given my experience and qualifications they are certain they will find me something.  I’ve just got to wait for something to come up.  In the meantime I’ve still been applying for other jobs.  Even pubs I’ve been in, looking for bar work, aren’t recruiting until Easter.
Anyway, I’m going to look atthe Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth liners which are in Sydney today.  Big boats are ace.

6 thoughts on “No longer homeless, but still jobless

  1. Have you thought about getting a job as a maths teacher…I was a bit lost until you explained.

    “I’m sharing with 3 people in the apartment so there are 4 of us altogether”

    Please tell me you are going to give us the answer to the equally tricky, “how many bedrooms are there if you have 8 people in an apartment and 4 in each room?”

  2. Good luck with the job hunt.

    I haven’t slept in a bedroom with someone else since … hey! that’s none of your business. hee hee!

    Good luck with the job hunt.

    note: I said the same thing twice, but I thought you may have forgotten it the first time because of the stuff in between.

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