Highlights of Sunday

I finally needed a new book to read at the weekend so went on the hunt to book shops. Jesus, books aren’t cheap here:  $22 I paid for a bloody paperback book (about £12 in proper money), it’s not even a new release.

$22, that’s 4/5 pints/schooners.  Bastards.

I found a couple of second hand book stores and even they aren’t cheap.  Probably only $5 cheaper than brand new.  Plus I don’t really like buying second hand stuff, you never know where it’s been.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that I was browsing the books and having read a couple of R J Ellory’s books in the past and enjoyed them, I decided to opt for another one of his.  I picked up A Quiet Vendetta and had a quick flick through.  To my surprise the inside page had been signed by the author.  I checked all his other books on the shelf to see if any others had been signed (I wasn’t in any kind of rush) but they hadn’t.  Hmmm, seemed a bit odd, but I bought it anyway and done what any other normal curious person would with the internet at this finger tips.  I sent the author an email to find out if he’d signed it, or was it just some bookshop pleb signing books in their dinner hour.

A few hours later and I had a reply from him, confirming he had indeed signed books in Sydney a couple of months ago.  I’ve never owned a book signed by the author before.

Along with eating a Cookie Choc-Chip ice cream (beating the previous days Rum and Raison flavour) whilst watching Dragon Boat Racing, this was the highlight of my Sunday.


11 thoughts on “Highlights of Sunday

  1. Rosie
    This is exactly the reason 😉

    I obviously meant ones which I have accidentally found in bookshops 🙂

    Aye, it wasn’t bad as Sundays go. I’ve mastered the art of not doing much!

    That sounds like a challenge…

  2. That is exciting and I’m glad you are enjoying down under. All my Pratchett books are unsigned unless he signs very very small and I haven’t noticed. 🙂

  3. Signed by the author? Brill! Also cool he took the time to reply to your email! May want to print that off and tuck it in the book. (I would, but then, that’s me.)

    You probably shoulda got an ebook reader before you left. Cheaper books and you can carry your entire bookshelf with you. Just a thought.

  4. Stick the print out up your bum before you stick it in the book that someone else stuck up their bum. Might as well be consistant! 🙂

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