(Nearly) back to reality

I’ve been keeping myself busy, I’m not really sure how, but I can count the number of days on one hand where I’ve done absolutely nothing. More often than not (after finding new waifs and strays in various hostels), days lead into nights at the pub – which is proving to be far too expensive so I’ve had to limit the nights out until I find work. On the days I haven’t met new people or met up with other people I know here, I’ve been quite content in my own company. I need it sometimes, people can be bloody annoying especially when staying in a hostel, when you’re never ever alone.

Since I got here I’ve been telling everyone how safe the city is. Up until last week I’ve not seen any trouble at all, then it all nearly happened at once..

I was making my way to a bar to meet some people but as I was about to walk across the road there was about 15 people having a running battle in the street. It was exactly what it’s like when football fans run each other up and down the street, only this time it was about 15 Chinese lads and 3 or 4 other lads. It was also reminiscent of a Jackie Chan movie. I let it settle down and after seeing the Chinese lads regroup further down on the other side of the road, I decided I’d be ok. However, having attended more football matches than I care to remember and seen more running street battles with football fans than I care to remember, I should’ve known it was a bad move. Not being content with being nearly hit by a tram the ring-leader of the chinese lads seen me on the other side of the road. He must’ve presumed I was with the people he was fighting because he ignored the two asain lads in front of me, ran up to me, said something mental in Chinese and gave me a karate stance. I gestured that I wasn’t fighting but either he didn’t understand or care what I’d said and took a swipe at me. His cronies then starting running over towards me. If my mind didn’t take 0.0003 seconds to process the fact that I was going to get my head kicked in I would’ve burst out laughing. Instead I took a few steps back, seen his mates coming at me and decided I only had one choice…I legged it! Absolutely no chance was I getting involved. I took the long way round to the pub…where, upon getting there, the same group of lads were fighting with the doorman! Not long after the police came and carted them off. I spoke with the doorman afterwards and he said they’re was about 30 of them all milling around just kicking off with people. Lunatics. It was a bit of excitement anyway!

That was the same day that Sydney was hotter than the surface of the sun: 41 degrees it was. The best way to describe that heat is that I’d imagine it’d be the same as someone walking around with a hair dryer in front of your face all day. Having a hot ‘breeze’ was very odd.

I’ve began the job search in earnest now the bank balance isn’t very happy. I’ve managed to make my money last 2 months before the ‘arrgghhh I need to work’ scream when I seen my bank balance.  It’s time to get back to reality-ish.

There is also only so long I can play tourist for, although it’s good it can’t last forever but I could do with a bit of structure to my days too. Although the initial plan was just to get temporary office work, the recruitment agencies haven’t been very helpful. I’ve since applied for a dozen jobs but not heard anything back but ‘thanks but no thanks’ emails. I’m not sure if I was being a nieve but I thought it would’ve been a bit easier to get office work here. So plan b is to get some bar work for the time being – thinking about it it’ll probably be better than getting some ‘proper’ office work.

I have no plans to ‘travel’ around yet, I’m still happy and content in Sydney so I’m also trying to find somewhere more permanent to stay other than hostels. Hostels are good but they can also be a bit tiresome – especially when I’m woken up by some beaut at 6am because “you’re snoring like a chainsaw”. It’s part and parcel of staying in dorm rooms, I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been unable to sleep because of a snorer – but that’s when the mp3 player is most useful. But I’m beginning to lose faith in finding somewhere decent so I’m going to lower my expectations a little until I find my feet with work. At the minute I just want to have a ‘base’ rather than have to keep extending my stays at hostels or moving to a different one. Or like today, when I’ve extended my stay here, even though the hostel is half empty for some reason, tomorrow morning I have to change rooms. Check out at 10am to then check back in 2 hours later. Joy. It’s especially brilliant when you roll home at 4am the night before (makes mental note not to have a late one tonight…yeh right).


7 thoughts on “(Nearly) back to reality

  1. Too bad you can’t find work as a professional pub crawler or as a gig reporter!

    I’m not sure I could live in a hostel. Think I’d be too nervous to sleep.

    Good luck to you mate!

    • S. Le
      If I looked hard enough I’d probably find professional pub crawler work 🙂
      Hostels are far better than I expected them to be and I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

      Nah, I’m not tough enough. I’m better on the other side of them 😉

  2. Good luck with the job search.

    I’ve been in my share of hostels. I liked some, disliked others, and was neutral about the rest: I always hated the person who was trying to be quiet while packing in the dark at 4am … with all their plastic bags.

    • planetross
      I forgot to mention the bastard bag rustlers: Last week one guy only stayed 1 night – I don’t think he even unpacked anything…yet in the morning it took him 1 hour to pack/leave, and every single thing was inside a plastic bag. The same guy also thought it was ok to turn the lights on at 5am when everyone was alseep and then also start eating bags of crisp at 8am along with the bag rustling. I’m getting angry just typing this…he was a proper space cadet.

      And breathe.

  3. Top tip with job agencies, sit in the office till something comes along. It shows them you are willing and if you role your eyes and dribble a lot they will pull all the stops to get you a job….

  4. BlackLOG
    Yep, that was my next plan of action.

    Edit: I’ve finally done this, not the dribbling bit, but I hounded a few today. They called me back a few hours later to tell me they have already found a couple of jobs for me. Sounds promising but will know more on Monday. I knew I’d be ago once I actually done something about it *cough*

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