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Melbourne started off a bit crappy as it was raining constantly for 3 days, but I still managed to get out and about and see stuff.  I’m back in Sydney now, but I’m already regretting coming back a little.  I think I should’ve given Melbourne longer, it’s a brilliant city (when it’s not raining)!  It’s even better when you realise you can pretty much get on any tram without paying.

I got to see a beautiful sunset on the beach and then watched penguins toddling home for the night and I also got to see some tennis (although I haven’t got a clue who was playing), but I did manage to grab a tennis ball as a souvenir.  But the main thing I will remember Melbourne for is the people.  In 6 days I was there I met some really ace, ace people at the hostel and I was a bit gutted to be leaving them behind – although I’ve already met up with one person in Sydney again and a few more said we’ll meet again when they get to Sydney in a few weeks.

Which leads me onto the one thing I’m finding difficult – finding mates.  I can find mates every day, but it’s kind of tiresome to have to start from square one again every few days with new people.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met loads of ace people from places I never thought I’d meet people from, and being able to keep in touch with them through spazbook is good.  But it’s tugging on my heart-strings that people aren’t sticking around.  Almost every day since I got to Australia I’ve had people to do stuff with, them people become your best friend for a few days/weeks and most of the time it feels like you’ve known them forever…but now I’m starting all over again and, well,  I just can’t be bothered!

I need to get my mojo back which I had last week;  I came out of my shell last week, even if I do say so myself, I was the real me (rather than the person happy to sit quietly letting others make decisions) – so much so, I decided “We’re in Melbourne, why are we all sat in…let’s go out” and I managed to corral a group of about 15 people to go out and lead them around St. Kilda pubs.

Which leads me onto another people thing…well, women actually.  I had a preconceived notion that everyone ‘travelling’ are all getting jiggy.  Unless I’m going to the wrong places I find it’s the total opposite.  Although I’ve been knocking around with a really ace American girl the past week who – after a week of flirting with me and me finally building up enough courage to ask her what’s going on – she tells me she doesn’t like me like that.  Apparently she’s having a break from men… but either she’s a massive tease or I need a new lesson in reading ‘the signals’ – especially when people in the other hostel kept asking me what was happening between us, something isn’t right.  Normally I’d just give up at this point (I’m surprised I got this far to be honest), but she’s here for another 2 days and I’ve got nothing but my dignity to lose and the chance to build a larger hatred of all things American (plus, it’s potentially going to make a great blog post when I get rejected…again).  But even if she isn’t interested in me ‘like that’, I’m going to be gutted when she leaves.

Cynical Scribble: continuing being absolutely clueless with the opposite sex, since the time of the dinosaurs.


10 thoughts on “Travelling Stuff

  1. You sound a bit home-sick!

    Women aren’t really “opposite” as much as “totally different!” Don’t try to figure us out. It will ruin your brain. Many women who travel alone and tease men are habitual men-teasers and just do it because they can.

    Chin up!

  2. This post makes you sound like Drew Barrymore (no not blonde slightly chubby but probably good for a sympathy shag when her better looking mate turns you down) in Fifty First Dates. The one where she forgets everything that happens the day before….Those new mates you keep meeting are actually the same ones you met yesterday who are the same ones you met the day before that etc, etc, etc….

    As for the American woman – sorry girl (we were in real danger of slipping into a Lenny Kravitz song there for a second). Try playing hard to get. Tell her you are off women and fortunately don’t think of her as one….If that don’t get her sprinting for your bed I suspect you won’t be sleeping with her….you also might get a slap as well….but don’t worry you won’t remember that tomorrow….

  3. Not sure what is up with wordpress but the fields in the comment field seem to be mixed up

    email = Name
    website = Email
    name = Website

    It took me 4 attempts to post the original comment as it did not like the Email address

    • S.Le
      I don’t think I’m home sick, its just the having to make friends all the time thing, I’m not used to it.
      My chin is well and truely up..I gave myself a stern talking to today 🙂

      Don’t think I’ve seen Fifty First Dates (I apparently haven’t seen many movies after talking to other people in the past week)! But Groundhog Day, that’s what it’s a bit like.

      Unfortunately the american has gone and more unfortunately I don’t have a comedy ending for a new blog post – nor a ‘whoo hoo’ ending either.

      Advice taken. She is gone now anyway and nothing happened…it was probably for the best.

      More comedy ‘romance’ posts to follow…

  4. You’ll get used to making friends and seeing them disappear: “eat, drink, and make merry for tomorrow we shall … be on a buses going in different directions.”

    You should be focussing on the Scandinavian women. Sort yourself out man!!! hee hee!

  5. Glad you’re having a good time! Melbourne rained the entire time I was there too. But I’d had it with cities by then anyway, as you’ll have read.

    Make sure you go inland at some point, there’s a vast expanse to be explored!

    • planetross
      Aye, I’ve gotten used to it this week! I can find Germans (loads of germans) and almost someone from everywhere else, but I’ve not managed to find the Scandinavian’s….I’m definitely going to the wrong places. My friends were out with some last night, I’ll have to ask them where they are!

      I’m still liking the cities, but I can see why people get fed up with the hustle and bustle. I need to top up my funds before I go off exploring in-land, but it’s on the list.

      I was supposed to pay…I just managed not to every time I got on the tram 😉

  6. I love Melbourne; for me it’s a better, nicer place filled with nicer people than Sydney. Brisbane is nice too, but not as nice as Melbourne. Soph lived and worked in Melbourne for a year on her gad-about-the-globe so she loves it too. And it has an awesome music scene.

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