One Month

I’ve been in Sydney exactly one month.  Am I bored of it yet?  Not a bit.

I tried to sit down a few days ago and compose a post and I couldn’t.  When I sat and thought about what I’ve done in the past couple of months (leave a job I’d been in for 12 years, leave a house in a decent part of town and leave behind family and friends; then to try and describe what I’ve done and seen since I’ve been here and the people I’ve met and made friends with – even now I know there are at least a couple of people I’ll keep in touch with after they’ve moved onto the next leg of their journey (or I’ve moved on).

I just can’t describe it all and it’s slightly overwhelming to my tiny mind…so I’ll leave that post for another day, maybe.  Except to say that Sydney has exceeded my expectations and I’m loving every minute.

Although I’m loving Sydney and the coffers are running dry, I’m going to Melbourne for a week or maybe two on Monday (I’m going on a 10 hour overnight train – it saves on accommodation if nothing else)!  I always said I wanted to go there if I didn’t like Sydney – so I’m going to give that a gander.  Then back to Sydney to work (my dream, if you like, was always to live and work in Sydney hence whey I’m going to come back).   But I’ve actually no idea what I’m going to be doing or where I’ll be in 2 weeks time and that in itself is strange, but very liberating.

One of my lifes goals – in fact my only goal in life – was to see the New Year fireworks in Sydney.  I’ve seen them.

I’m living the dream, people.  Living the dream.


9 thoughts on “One Month

  1. I think I liked Melbourne when I was there: it’s a bit hazy. The names St.Kilda and “The Prince of ???” bar seem to be floating around in the back of my mind.

  2. Gosh, this is all very exciting! Livin’ the dream. How many of us can claim that?

    Oz’s fireworks at the New Year are always so amazing on TV. I just can’t imagine what it’s like in person!

    I hope the economy in Oz is better than a lot of other places and you can find a job.

    Here’s a toast to living the dream! “Chin-chin” (raises coffee mug to toast you ’cause it’s only 10:20 A.M. here)

  3. Perpetual
    I haven’t had a BBQ yet, but when I do I’ll throw one on for you. Also I keep meaning to take a picture of the Perpetual building – every time I see it I think of you *awww*! Exciting huh?!

    Yep, St. Kilda was were I stayed. Not sure of ‘The Prince of’ bar though. Didn’t see that one on my travels.

    S. Le

    Sorry, you’ll just have to hate me 😉

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