I’ve been here a week. I’ve had enough and I’m booking a flight home tomorrow.

Only messing; Sydney is brilliant.

It’s what I thought it would be and more. Although I have only been here a week and I’m still in holiday mode, maybe that’ll change when I start looking for work and have finished all the touristy things. There’s a monorail I’m dying to go on. I’ve never been on a monorail before! I hope its the same monorail that was used in The Simpsons and the same one which goes to Glastonbury each year.

I went to Bondi last week but as it was Thursday is was quite quiet and it was also overcast, so I need to do it properly (this weekend if its proper sunny).  Then went to Manly on Saturday – the ferry over is brill – and Manly is lovely. My mates, sister in laws mate (still with me?) lives there so I met her and said hello.

I’ve met a few people since I’ve got here but not really met up with anyone again. Swapped numbers with a handful of people so there is people there to meet with if I need/want to. It only took me 3 days to meet another scouser!  I’ve found it a bit difficult to meet people in the hostel as I’ve been up and out all day as soon as I’ve got up. Plus the only people who have stayed in my room so far has been a couple of Slovakians and Germans. There’s Germans everywhere. Went out with a couple of them the other day and got bored trying to speak to them in shouty/broken english after an hour. It’s easy to get talking to other people though, your not on your own for long, even I’ve been striking up conversations with strangers – something which I never normally do…the aussies are ace!

No idea how much I’ve spent so far (bit scared to look), but I’ve already got an Australian Bank account (in fact I had that 2 hours after I’d landed…how efficient am I)!

Went to see U2 last night and they were brilliant.  It was at ANZ Stadium in Olympic Park.  The whole Olympic Park setup for a concert is great. Transport is free with your ticket and even though there was 60000 people heading mostly the same way, I was back in the city (about 5 miles away) 30 mins after the concert ended. All the trains/ferries run when they should do to0.  Seems like only England doesn’t do this right. Talking of England I’ve not seen one iota of news since I’ve been here, so if you’re all frozen to death, or have been nuked by Korea, then I’ll never know.

Just about over the jetlag now but still knackered, I haven’t stopped.  This is the first chance I’ve had to get onto the laptop in a week so not sure how often my posts will be.  There’s stuff going on outside!

Hooroo ya flamin’ galah’s, I’m off to a pub quiz!

PS: Jo, where’s the best place for internet?  The upload speeds in the hostel are shocking.

PPS: I’m on an internet clock countdown, no time to reply to other posts and shizzle. Writing this and there has been flames coming off the keyboard before my time runs out.  You lucky, lucky people 😀


14 thoughts on “G’Day

  1. Don’t forget a stranger to you today could be tomorrow’s supper…. You are after all in Australia, every 2nd creature is out to eat you or shag you (no not the women)…. I’ve no first hand knowledge of this just a feeling in my gut. If you make it home I’m looking forward to the survival special documentary….

    P.S you don’t have virtual fleas do you; I’ve been itching since that virtual (but manly) hug….

  2. It sounds like you are having fun: that’s all that counts.

    If I remember correctly, English people are the lobster red ones on beaches around the world. Maybe a full on “sunny day assault” might not be in your best interest. hee hee!

    note: I will not comment on “sunburn” entries.

  3. Found another scouser eh? How many woollybacks then? lol

    U2! Brilliant! I’ve got a T shirt from a concert my brother went to. Does that count?

    You’ll have a warm Christmas. That should be an experience all right!


  4. Dream in Grey
    Having a ball is an understatement 😀

    I went to the toilets on Bondi beach the other day and there was THE biggest spider on the wall, I’ve never been more terrified whilst having a piss.

    No fleas on me 🙂

    Brennig and Perp
    Thanks. Shenanigans are continuing.

    I’m waiting for the burn to kick in…but so far I’ve been pretty good with the sunscreen.

    Thanks 🙂

    I still feel unusual
    Lots of woollybacks! The tshirt does count indeed…just.

    A warm Christmas is something I can’t get my head around. It’s odd seeing christmas decorations up all over the place and I’m walking around in shorts. There was even a bus driver dressed in a Santa outfit the other day!

  5. If you’re still in Sydney, try the library down the road from Sydney Central YHA. It’s pretty easy to miss, but it’s on George street and it’s mostly full of japanese books and people, but there’s free wifi, desks to use and it’s fairly decent.

  6. Sherry

    It was a very strange Christmas on the beach. Almost not Christmas!

    I’m still in Sydney, I might stick around for a while yet. I’ve walked past that library a few times so I’ll give it a go, thanks.

    Proper update soon….ish !

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