With visits to family/friends and a couple of nights out planned before I fly south, I’ve had to start packing a week early.  Actually, with my current house-mates now looking for elsewhere to live because I’m leaving (they’re looking for something smaller and cheaper) I’m basically moving out and not just packing. Which leaves me needing to ask my dad to keep some stuff for me.

However “stuff”, isn’t something which I have a lot of.   One of the plus points (for me at least) of being single for donkeys years, having no kids and having lived in furnished rented homes for the past few years, is that I’ve never needed to accumulate “stuff”.

Apart from the backpack which will be on my back next Monday I have the following items to show for my 31 years of existence:

  • a 6 year old desktop computer (which sounds like a Boeing 747 everytime I turn it on) and a 10 year old computer monitor (which is approximately the same size as a family hatch-back).
  • 1 Ikea chest of drawers
  • 1 cardboard storage box containing bits and bobs
  • 1 bin bag of ‘spare’ clothes

..and that’s pretty much it (I also have/had a car, but I never owned it outright, so that’s going back to Ford on Friday)!

I’ve never had a lot of clothes. I hate clothes shopping and so I’ve only ever bought clothes when I’ve actually needed to rather than for something to do on a Saturday.  If only I hadn’t grown; I’d still be wearing Super Ted pyjama’s.

My initial reaction, when I realised I didn’t have many belongings, was that it’s a bit grim. But after I thought about it, it’s quite the opposite.  At least I haven’t had any hassles about either getting rid of things or storage. Obviously my childhood spent playing with them little green plastic army men – pretending they were the SAS, who are ready to up and go at a moments notice (eg, throwing them out the bedroom window for a ground assault in the garden) – has subconsciously paid off….errr…honest!   There’s no other rational explanation.

Also, now that my house-mates are looking to move, it does of course mean when I come back from Australia (whenever that may be), I’ll potentially have to move back into my dads. With him and his ‘partner’.   Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans, the prospect actually terrifies me.  I get on with them, but…ya know…what a barrel of laughs that will be.

I’ll make an audacious attempt to live as an undercover koala before I let that happen.


12 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. I wrote up a letter for a good friend, just in case anything unfortunate happened to me over here and he had to figure out what was where: bank accounts, passwords, and family contact numbers filled most of the document.
    Only a blanket (made by mother), an ashtray (that reminds me of my father), and my grandfather’s discharge papers from WW1 are to be sent to family members: the rest of my crap is his to dispose of as he sees fit.

    I could fit my life into a backpack in about 5 minutes. hee hee!

  2. Perpetual
    Half my family think that’s what will happen. I’m not so sure…only one way to find out!

    Dream In Grey
    One of my housemates accumulates stuff. The room where he keeps it all is called “the shit room”. I don’t think he even knows what’s in there. I don’t see the point in keeping stuff for the sake of it.

    My dad has copies of important stuff, just in case. The other bits and bobs is just stuff I didn’t really want to throw out…after all, I might be back in a month 😉

  3. Oh my god I take more stuff for a weekend away – possibly just on day trips

    I actually think The Beast owns more stuff than you….

    Well done on leading such a clutter free life, I am a little ashamed of The Beast and his materialistic ways….

  4. HAHA – Superted…

    Man… We have so much “stuff”. It took TWO seven and a half ton lorries to move us when we moved house last December. Your way sound sso much simpler !!! LOL

  5. I have more stuff just sitting here on the computer desk. Little stuff does make moving easy.
    I haven’t seen Super Ted since my kids were little
    I liked spotty man. Undercover koala’s have pretty bland diets, just gum leaves, no pizza, no burgers, no fish & chips…
    Be careful what you wish for

  6. It must be great to have not much stuff. I’m such a hoarder that I’ve got too much and sometimes wish I could start again with nothing. Minimalism is what it is all about these days!

  7. BlackLOG
    I think I take more stuff to Glastonbury than I’m taking to Australia.

    You have far too much stuff!

    Thank you sir.

    I still feel unusual
    I’ll do my best to keep up with the blogging.

    I forgot all about Spotty Man!

    Thanks matey 🙂

    Throw it all out and start over…I dare you.. 😉

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