A couple of my friends have been very helpful to me since the post about funds for my impending escape from cold and snow.  As such, I now have enough money to not appear on Border Patrol Australia.  Huzzah!

Still no concrete timescale on getting my own money back, but the worry has subsided, thankfully.

There was also the oversight by the bean counter extraordinaire (me), of a couple of other things which I’d finished paying and hadn’t included in my calculations. I’m blaming the panic. Whoops.

As such…we’re now full steam ahead to Oz.

Why was I ever worried in the first place?  I did say it’d all work out 😉

As a coincidence, exactly 2 weeks from now I’ll probably be composing my first post complaining about heat and plebs in hostels.



15 thoughts on “Huzzah!

  1. dazedlittlemiss
    Whoo Hoo!

    If I don’t find any work I’ll be home by March-ish I reckon. As long as I can find work to keep myself going (and there’s no reason why I won’t)…then I’ll be back whenever the money runs out/jobs dry up/visa runs out…whichever is first 🙂

    • Brennig
      I couldn’t ever do something like that, I haven’t fallen on hard times or anything…I’m swanning off to the other side of the world, and as much as any gesture like that would be appreciated, a ‘fund my holiday widget’ wouldn’t go down too well in my self-conscious!
      I might not have enough money in some peoples eyes, but as far as I can work out I’ll be fine. As I said to another commenter the other day I hope the last post about me being owed money didn’t read like a cry for help, it was anything but.

      PS: I’ll let you know my bank details in January 😉

  2. You could have done with the appearance money from ‘Border Patrol Australia’ to help fund your stay.

    Glad it’s all working out for you but remind me not to employ you as a financial advisor (There was also the oversight by the bean counter extraordinaire )….You haven’t been working for the Irish have you???

    Looking forward to the first episode of CS – Down under

    P.S keep away from anything that bites, slithers, kicks or drops from trees….and that just covers the Australian women…..

    • BlackLOG
      I didn’t mis-calculate enough to make a massive difference…I still needed bailing out by my friends. But every little bit all helps in the end…I think 😉

      I knew you were talking about the women before I got to the end of the sentence…great minds think alike!

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