The Plan: has hit a brick wall

Just over a year ago, I set out a plan in my head to go to Australia.  It was never a very detailed plan, but it was a plan to get me to a country I’d wanted to go to for as long as I can remember. 

I’ve never had much money, but the money I’ve had I’ve always worked for since I was 15/16.  Like others, I’ve struggled with money over the years but for the first time ever there was a realistic possibility that I could go and achieve a dream.  I feel like I deserved it; like this was the way it was supposed to be (sounds wanky I know).

I had no savings, so I knew I had quite a bit of saving to do and therefore some (low priority) debts *waves to old credit card debts* had to be ignored for 12 months: when they kept phoning work to speak to me, in my capacity as “Cynical Scribble’s supervisor” I had to pass on the unfortunate news that he’d passed away.  Subsequent reminders/warnings from other companies posted to my home address etc have been posted back “not known at address” I’m sure these will come back to bite me in the bum, but for now…fuck ‘em (this was part of the plan).

Everything else had worked out, more or less, how I knew it would: I knew what I needed to buy and when I needed to buy it and I’ve stuck to it.  I wouldn’t be leaving with pockets full of cash, but I’d have enough saved to prance around Australia/Sydney for a couple of months without worrying and before I needed work (this was part of the plan).

What I didn’t factor into the plan was not receiving any rent, or money for share of the bills, from a now ex-housemate for 9 months…and them doing a disappearing act.  Nor did I factor into the equation money I loaned to someone 6 months ago – which helped pay their mortgage – would not be repaid as they are still unemployed and don’t have that kind of money to pay back to me (this definitely wasn’t part of the plan).  Both of these have wiped out most of what I had saved and as it stands; I’m not even going to have the minimum required funds to go.

Why did I loan loads of money out?  If I’m in a position to help someone out when they are having problems, I always will. It’s just my nature and six months ago it wasn’t an issue.  Three months ago alarm bells started ringing, but I kept my original plan mantra “everything will work itself out”.  I’m often told I’m too nice for my own good…it seems that I am…and look where it’s got me.  If someone deserves a massive ‘knobhead’ sign writing on their forehead… 

On the work front: I put my notice in a couple of months ago and whist they were initially shocked at my plans they’re pleased I’m doing something with myself.  They know of a few other problems I’ve had, so on a personal level they’re glad to see me get away.  They also agreed to a sabbatical – I’ve since helped choose my replacement and trained them.  However since then…I’ve learnt they making redundancies (unfortunately they wouldn’t make my position redundant and subsequently give me lots of dosh), but I did have to put forward a few names for the chop – not a nice thing to have to be involved in.  So all in all it’s been a fucking brilliant few weeks. 

The sabbatical thing was never a clincher for me, but given the redundancies, I now have doubts I’d be welcomed back into the same position – I’ve probably done them a massive favour by showing my cards first.

This was the time I was supposed to sit back, relax and just wait to leave.  Everything has gone from riding on the gravy train surf board to Oz, to a bit messed up.

So, where does that leave me now (apart from being left in a very shitty position by a couple of people)?

The general consensus is that Australian immigration never check funds for people entering Australia on a Working Holiday Visa (AUD$5000 is the required amount…about £3200 in proper money), but it’s not something I ever wanted to chance.  Ever

When I set my budget out 12 months ago I knew I’d have easily enough money, with a couple of grand to spare.  But right now, with just about 3 weeks until I leave, I haven’t even got the minimum funds.  I have one more payday to come with not much outgoings on it, so that will help a lot and I’m going to ask a couple of friends to loan me some money (not sure if they will/can yet though) -  I’ve written about loaning money from people before: I hate it. I’m too proud a person to ask when I need it, I’d rather go without, but this is different…I’ve got to, or I risk being refused entry to Australia and given I’ve only got one go at this…I’m not left with much choice.  I’m just going to have to find work in Oz a lot sooner than I planned.

For the first time in 12 months I’m not excited, the shine has gone.  I’ve lost my ‘fucking hell I’m going to Australia’ head and it’s been replaced by an anxious, worried, insomniac ‘fucking hell, I can’t afford to go’ head. 

Strangely, I’m still looking forward and not back.  What’s done is done, I’ve hit a brick wall, but I can’t let it stop me.  Come rain or shine; money or no money; I’m still getting on that plane (so you may see me appearing on an episode of Border Patrol Australia pretty soon)!

Everything will work itself out

(I hope)


19 thoughts on “The Plan: has hit a brick wall

  1. The finance companies run checks to see that Cyn Scrib is still alive and kicking. Sorry about that.


    I’m actually full of admiration at your determination and positive approach to this trip. Well done. I wish I was in a position to help.

    • Rohan
      I’m not going to let it bog me down, as I said I’m too far down the path now.

      It shall indeed work out. A couple of people I spoke to today might be able to help out a bit so all is not lost.

      I know the finance companies run checks, I told them that just to get them to stop phoning work…it worked.
      Thanks. I spoke to a couple of people today who may be able to help, it’s not ideal but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  2. Was just going to echo what Bren said, make sure they don’t come and bite you in the arse and default you.

    I’m sure if you are determined enough, that you’ll get to Australia and have a great time. Do you have anything you can sell to top up the funds maybe?

  3. With Christmas coming up you could release a Cynical Scribble style Calendar – with tasteful shots of you in various states of undress (if the WI can do it why not you) You could then threaten to send it to people unless they send you vast sums of money. You could then write a book, sell the film wrights and create a range of T-shirts….

    …..On a more serious note (I do hate it when I get all serious, I’m no fun at all when I do) hang on in there I’m sure something will crop up.

    P.S. I’m proud of your determination and look forward to hear how you get out of this grim back against the wall situation.

    P.P.S You don’t happen to have any Chinese vases in your attic do you, that might solve your immediate financial worries and tide you over for the next thousand years….

    • Update: A couple of friends very kindly said they can borrow me some money, so I’m half-way there. I’ll be better placed with my bean counting next week when one of them knows how much they can spare, I get paid and the last of my bills come out.

      It’s probably too late for the defaulting thing, I’ve defaulted on one of them years ago – blamed them for messing up and rescued it. I’ve probably over stepped the mark this time though.
      I know I will get to Australia, I couldn’t live with myself if I gave up now. I had a blog post planned re: selling stuff…I own nothing, I’m amazed at how little I have!

      An email is whisking it’s way through cyberspace as I type.

      You may be onto something, I don’t have any wrinkly bits either (yet), I’d make a fortune!

      Thanks for the comments, as I said I know I’ll get there, it’s just demoralising having to ask to loan money from people when I should never have been in this situation (not to mention that I’m going to have to find work quickly in Oz to pay any money back). It’s taken the wind out of my sails. Onwards and upwards (or downwards may be more apt) though…

  4. That is one sad post but I believe you will get to Oz and have a wonderful time even with working. I hope your friends will come through and lend you the money you need. I’ve got my fingers and toes (not really, crossing toes is hard to do) crossed for you.

  5. Gosh, how morbid ‘he’s passeed away’ 😀 Why didn’t I ever think of that? I wouldn’t be in all this debt. Funny that you were doing a runner on the banks and someone else was doing a runner on you…but you shouldn’t feel bad at all for helping out, it always comes back to you, and your kindness will pay off in some other way.

    I like your positive attitude, I think you’ll do it. If you start looking for work sooner you’ll increase your chances of getting one (and I wouldn’t risk it with Australia too)

    If not, hey it would be great to see you on Border Patrol Australia. Bet you could do like that American hippy in one episode who refused to sign the served papers and had to be dragged to the airplane. He went around talking about ‘free spirit and free world’. Not a chance you’re in other people’s country, it’s not free!

    But, good luck!

  6. Michelle
    Thanks. I’m sure I will. The working thing doesn’t bother me as I knew I’d have to work anyway. I’m more annoyed they left it this late in the day for me to try and sort stuff out (and I’ve calmed down a bit since writing this post/speaking to other people)!

    I do believe what goes around comes around, so maybe it will pay off in another way (or maybe it’s my own fault for doing a runner on the banks)!

    I’ll let you know if I get onto Border Patrol Australia. But if I get through the airport ok, I’ll attempt to get onto Bondi Rescue instead 😉

  7. Stick a donation page up on your website, mate. I’ll happily donate to the cause of helping you achieve your dream.

    You only need the money to get out there for now – more money can be made when you’re there or whatever.

    It’s such a shame you’re not a website developer, or something like that. I’d happily send some work your way that I’d pay you to do. So, if there is any skill you have that you can make use of whilst you’re over there, remotely, try to pursue it.

  8. Darfuria
    Thank you very much for the offer mate, but I can’t take you up on it. This post wasn’t a cry for help or anything like that, so I hope it didn’t seem like that to anyone reading.

    As you said, I only need the money to get me out there at the min – which, after speaking to a couple of people this week, I hopefully will have.

    Thanks again for the offer. If I take up website development, I’ll be in touch 😉

  9. Three weeks? Bloody hell, thats gone quickly.

    Money will be a concern until you start working again or get home. You’re just starting early 🙂

    Don’t worry too much about it, easier said than done, I know, but the cost of living out in Oz isn’t on the same level as over here. And make sure you get that money back from the people who you’ve lent it to at some point.

  10. Oh, by no means did I think you were crying for help! But you’re doing something very important – you’re following a dream. And if there’s an opportunity for me to help you do that, then of course I want to help out. Even if it’s just a tenner, it could feed you for a day or two 😉

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