Toy Story 3 – my ending

I watched Toy Story 3 over the weekend.  If you haven’t seen it then you may not want to reading further…(spoilers and all that…but if you want to continue reading, please do so at your own leisurely pace)…



…you know when they are on the Gladiators travelator towards the end?  The bit where it starts to get a bit teary (I hadn’t had so much grit in my eye since I first watched The Green Mile)…yeh I know, I’m a softy.

Well…after they escaped being burnt to death, I was still waiting for them to meet their maker.  Even when they were back safely in Andy’s clutches I was waiting for a big twist.

Then, Andy gets out of the car carrying the box of toys over to the girl in the garden?  It was at this point I was surprised Andy survived the journey from car door to garden gate…when he did, I started laughing to myself because… 

As he stepped out of the car I fully expected him and the box of toys to be hit by a bus – BAM! – like that scene in Final Destination…

Somehow I totally forgot I was watching a children’s Pixar film and not an animated version of Saw. 

I reckon my ending would’ve been miles better. 

Picture it now in your head. 


Miles better.


8 thoughts on “Toy Story 3 – my ending

    • planetross
      “Pull yourself together man!!!”
      You’re not the first person to tell me that. The last time I went the doctors I told him I felt like a pair of curtains. He told me to pull myself together too.

      Boom tish! I’m here all week.

  1. I think you had something there but you let it go to early.

    Saw – Toy Story

    Each of the toys dying in a more despicable way as the tension is ratcheted up until the final scene sees Woody and Buzz being forced to fight each other to the death using only the sharpened body parts of all their old friends as weapons. The survivor then gets to meet Jigsaw who in a final twist turns out to be Andy, dressed up in his mums dress….

    I’m shocked to report Pixar has turned down my original script, I suspect I might need to add more blood and gore…..

    • BlackLOG
      ha! I did actually write a few sentences about ‘my vision’ (arms flying in different directions, Woody’s head rolling under the garden gate with bits of cotton wool hanging off it, little girl screaming splattered in blood/cotton wool etc), but I couldn’t quite explain it in words. Odd that!

      I think you may be onto something though, nevermind Pixar, Tarantino would snap it up. I’ll put a word in. We could call it Toy Saw-ry™ 😉

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