Now I’m all systems go for Australia I’m trying to look after my pennies – which means nights stuck in.  This isn’t a big problem though, since most of my friends don’t go out much now they’ve all moved to South America, I mean -  now they have priorities like kids and long term partners. 

At the minute it’s only really a drag where I’d normally go the pub to watch the football.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it, it is for the greater good after all. 

I could really do without 4 family birthdays, a cousins wedding and a mates baby’s christening in the space of 10 days though.  So my saving has already gone to pot this month and the month is less than a day old.  Inconsiderate gits.

I have however splashed some cash on tickets to The Ashes cricket tests in Sydney (days 1 and 2 cricket fans).  I’m not the biggest cricket fan, but it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss and I might not get to do it again. 

I’ve also been looking at other stuff that’s going on whilst I’m there, I quite fancy trying to get to a music festival, I know Big Day Out is at the end of January but I’m not liking my chances of getting a ticket.  U2 have just announced they are playing in Sydney a few days after I get there too – we all know Bono is a proper knob – but I quite like U2 live, so I’m going to see if I can go to that.


10 thoughts on “Saving

  1. How about hand made presents for people, some BlackLOG suggestions:-

    For your family
    A scale model (I would not suggest 1:1) of their house made out of your toenail clippings, toe jam and belly button fluff….(if you have to do 4 of them you might need to use other peoples off cuts and detritus but as long as you don’t tell them your family will never know….)

    For the wedding present
    A video or just photo’s in a brown envelope* of your cousins getting off with someone on their Hen/stag night…..

    * If you play this correctly you might actually make some money out of it, although your cousin and most of your sponging relatives may never talk to you again. This could prove to be a big saving on future birthday and Christmas presents…)

    Your mate’s baby’s christening
    A broken toy – lets face it no point buying something new the kid will only break it, chew it and defecate on it (hopefully in that order…) within a couple of minuets of receiving it…

    Job done I say

  2. BlackLOG
    You lost me at “hand made” to be honest 😉

    I cut my nails yesterday so it would have to be a very very small scale model. Unless I made it out of hair – but I had my hair cut last week too. It’s not looking good…

    They should be thrilled to have my presence at any celebration. I will be the present and burst out of the cake in a leotard. Phwoooaaarrr!

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