The Plan – Part 2

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned my plan to get my arse to Australia.

Since I last mentioned it in March I’ve purposely kept quiet about it – mainly because I didn’t want to sound like an old demented woman, not having a clue what I’m doing.

I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing…but I’m good at not knowing…

In March, The Plan was:

  • purchase visa. Done.
  • work out when I’ll have saved enough money to support myself for, at the very least, 3 months (hopefully longer, but that’s my minimum).  Done.
  • make sure that I’ll be in Sydney for New Year
  • set leaving dates
  • purchase plane tickets
  • go to Australia
  • …see what happens…

Then, since early summer, I’ve had the words of my cousin putting doubt in my mind about it:

“You’re going to Australia?  You’re leaving work? You don’t have a job lined up?  You don’t know anybody there and you’re going on your own?” 

As if I was going to let them words stop me, sounds more like a challenge…

The current Plan looks like this:

  • purchase visa – Done
  • work out when I’ll have saved enough money to support myself for, at the very least, 3 months (hopefully longer, but that’s my minimum).  Done
  • make sure that I’ll be in Sydney for New Year. Done (now in includes Christmas)
  • set leaving date – Done: early December
  • purchase plane ticket – One way ticket to Sydney: Done
  • tell work
  • go to Australia
  • …see what happens…

After purchasing the plane tickets a few days ago my brain has had “fucking hell, I’m going to Australia!” on repeat. 

Some people think I’m a bit daft to do what I’m doing, but I still have that gut instinct that says everything will be fine.  Even if it doesn’t work out like I think it will in my head (or I fail to find work and have to return sooner than I plan to), I know whatever happens, this will be the best thing I ever do for myself…

“Fucking hell, I’m going to Australia!”


23 thoughts on “The Plan – Part 2

  1. That’s great, man. Really it is! Making that step is going to be great for you. Just affirm to yourself – “I am open and receptive to all good”. Allow good things to come to you, and they will.

    What is it you do, by the way?

  2. It’ll be great! I think I’ve mentioned it before, but my friend did the same thing, packed up and left for Australia on a working holiday thing for a year, and she’s enjoyed every minute of it. Do you know where in Australia you’re headed to?

  3. Hooray! Good news. I love the way people say ‘You’re going on your own?’ like its a bad thing.

    I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be on my own than Australia. It’s full of people to meet.

  4. Yay! Good for you and you have done the right thing. Oddly my favourite phrase at the moment is from Indiana Jones (no. 4) by the great John Hurt – “So much life is wasted waiting”. No point waiting any longer or until you have a mortgage etc and then not going cuz you can’t. Happy planning! 🙂

  5. Gosh! That’s so exciting! Good on you mate for sticking with “The Plan!” Now’s the time. You’re not getting any younger. You’re not tied down with family. (… and all those other cliches!) How much notice do you need to give your work?

  6. Thanks for all the comments…

    I’m normally a ‘glass half empty’ type of person, but this is one of the few things I’ve been wholly positive about. Strange!

    Work wise, I don’t have a ‘trade’ as such. I’m a glorified office monkey 😀

    Yep, I know I will. Not one person I’ve spoke to about it has got a bad word to say about doing it.

    Mary Jane
    I remember you saying that; is your friend still there? As my plan says – no idea where I’m heading to in general just heading to Sydney first, live the dream for a few weeks, and go from there. What could possibly go wrong? 😉

    I’ll presume this post meets your seal of approval? 😀

    Hooray indeed, it’s about time I got my arse in gear!
    Even though I’m not the most out-going person, going on my own does not worry me in the slightest.

    oooh a long term or..a big move? I’ll cross my fingers for you 🙂

    Thank You 😀

    Stephanie of Stopbouncing
    Exciting is not the word, I’m like a kid at Christmas!

    I realised a while ago I’d just been waiting for something to happen – and nothing was going to unless I made it happen 🙂 You know that plan up there *points up*, that’s literally it. There really isn’t much left for me to plan 😀

    S. Le
    I was always going to stick with the plan, it was just making it happen (eg budget won’t be what I’d hoped, but I told myself I’ll get there this year and I will :D).
    Technically need to give 1 month, but I’ll give them 2 months and ask for a sabbatical – incase I return with my tail between my legs mid-January: skint!

  7. You’ll have a ball! I know loads of people who have done the same thing and not one of them has regretted it for a second

  8. Wow – good for you.

    There are so many things I wish I had the courage to just *do* and there you are, doing them!

    You’ll have a great time. Make sure you take a load of pictures and keep us updated!

  9. It is not the things you do in life that you generally end up regretting it is the things you don’t do….Go for it and enjoy yourself but don’t forget to keep on blogging and coming back to visit your old blogging haunts….

  10. Full of admiration for you. And when you get there you will love it to bits, we both do. Soph lived in Melbourne for a year so we have contacts there if you need them.

  11. Good on ya!

    A year before my first big travel I spent my freetime reading and re-reading a “Let’s Go Europe” book, staring at a big world map on my wall, and counting down the days.
    The trip? … awesome!!!
    The regret factor? … zilch.

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