Saving the best until last

When I’m eating certain foods (the ones which get my taste buds partying like it’s 1999), I’ll try and make that food last.  It might mean taking small bites out of food, making it last an unhealthily amount of time – longer than I should.  Or I might just leave the best slice of meat until it’s the last thing I eat off my plate.

A roast dinner is prime example:  I’ll eat the veg first, simply to get it out of the way.  I like veg, but it just can’t compete with a good slice of beef can it?  Imagine eating all the meat and then only having veg to look forward to, it just doesn’t work.  Remaining until the end on my plate will always always be 1 spud, a Yorkshire Pudding and of course, the beef.  I’ll also have left lashings of gravy on there to mop it all up with.

Beans on toast…the piece of toast which will allow most bean juice moppage will stay with me until the juicy bean goodness has ended.

Jaffa Cakes are never eaten in one…errr, I mean two bites….the chocolate comes off first and then the orange jelly is eaten (even though it leaves that little weird taste in your mouth when it’s eaten alone).  Then the spongey bit gets eaten just because I’ve orphaned it and feel sorry for it – a bit like Penn without Teller or Barry Chuckle without Paul Chuckle – it’s just not cricket if it’s not paired up, one can’t go without the other.

Monster Munch flavoured Beef, Flamin’ Hot and Pickled Onion are all little pieces of maize based snack heaven.  The toes (or whatever they’re supposed to be) get eaten one by one.  Likewise, while we’re on crisps, them bits of Steak flavoured McCoys with loads of flavour on…put to one side until the end.

Tease them taste buds until the end.


17 thoughts on “Saving the best until last

  1. Personally I leave any Veg until last, in the faint hope that some one might steal it*…If they don’t, I just leave it in the vague hope that it might makes its way, through some humanitarian miracle, to those starving kids in Africa that my parents always went on about….

    * That is the danger of keeping back the best to savour at the end. Food plate raids**…..never pretty and never fair…..

    ** Have you noticed that women do a semi legal form of this…. It’s called “I don’t actually want any but can you bring a spoon so I can share his…..”

  2. I miss Yorkshire pudding. Can’t get any good ones here. My ex-bf’s mom used to make a mean roast dinner. Oh the gravy, mmmmmm……*salivating*

    @BlackLOG: There is something intimate and slightly sexy about raiding your man’s plate. Raiding your woman’s plate, however, is frowned upon unless requested.

  3. If anyone tries to raid my plate I’ll give ’em a black eye. 🙂 But saving the best to last… the cherry on top of a Belgian Bun. Mmmm…..

  4. I’m the same with food.

    Take pizza, I pick off all the toppings, eat them, then wipe off the tomato sauce with my finger and lick that, then eat the base (saving the crust for the ratties) and finally I eat the cheese. Actually, that sounds a little weird doesn’t it, especially the tomato sauce part?

    With fried egg on toast, I eat all the white first and then save the yolk until the end.

    With steak, I eat around the outside so that the fattest bit in the middle – the bit that will be most rare – is my last mouthful. God I love rare steak.

    I eat sandwiches from the crust inwards – or pull the crust off and eat that first. It’s much of a muchness really I suppose, the order of eating is still the same.

    And with McDonalds, I always leave a bit of the Quarter pounder with cheese until last. But, in added weirdness, I eat the entire burger upside down. I don’t mean that I am upside down, I mean I hold the burger with the sesame seeds on the bottom. I can’t eat it with it up the other way, it’s just wrong. I also use a chip to take all the ketchup out before I eat the burger. I like a tiny smidge of tomato sauce in my burger, but, literally, just enough to dye the bap. The rest has to go. And when I do finish it off, I make sure that the last piece I eat is an outer edge with a generous bit of fake plastic cheese on it – and that cheese will be really hard too by the time I get around to it.

  5. It seems we’re all weird since I do the same as you (especially when it comes to Monster Munch). With all crisps (especially pringles) I lick off the topping and then munch the crisps.

    Ok, just me then.

  6. Mmmm… Now I want a roast dinner as well! Drat! I also save the best for last and also try to savour moments. If I get a package in the post, I don’t open it immediately. I open all other posts first and then the package.

  7. Rohan
    Hello 🙂 I got hungry typing about a roast dinner!

    I’m never a victim of food plate rates (I never eat out). But saving the veg until last, I’m reporting you to the food police…that’s sacrilege!

    Mary Jane
    I had my first roast dinner in about 6 months last week, it was heaven!
    Raiding a mans plate is sexy…hmmmm…I’m getting food fetish vibes 😛

    A fork in the eye would do the job perfectly.

    That’s good dedication to saving the best until last. Definitely with you saving the yolk and the middle of a steak until last.
    Upside down burgers is a new one on me, but I’ll give it a go. I always save the burger until last, all the chips get eaten first.

    Oh…and the gherkin stays inside the burger 😀

    I do that if there seems to be loads of flavouring on the crisp *high five* !
    If I eat bourbons or custard creams, the centre always gets licked off separately. I am 10 years old.

    S. Le
    haha good call with the post, I do the same. Best to get the bank statements and bills out the way first!

  8. Nooo, the orange bit of the jaffa cake has to be eaten LAST!

    I bite the heads of jelly babies so they did instantly and don’t feel the pain of being chewed to death.

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  10. I do the same as you for roast beef and beans on toast. I’m not up-to-date on these Jaffa Cakes, snacks, and crisps though … so I can’t comment.

    What are your feelings about pizza then?

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