Party time again

Choose a field.  Choose a farm.  Choose the struggle to put my tent up.  Choose crowds. Choose drinking around your campfire until 7am.  Choose drinking beer for breakfast a few hours later.  Choose rain.  Choose mud.  Choose the sun cooking you alive in your tent at some ungodly hour (9am).  Choose talking to random strangers.  Choose the kindness of random strangers.  Choose seeing everyone happy.  Choose random mexican-wave like cheers that sweep the site.  Choose the Mad-Max like ‘Trash City’ or getting lost in ‘Shangra-la’s’ Asian-esque alleyways until 6am.  Choose the stone circle.  Choose trying to stay awake to see sunrise at the stone circle.  Choose 1 of 80(ish) ‘smaller’ stages.  Choose not going anywhere near the main stages and it still being brilliant.  Choose the worlds smallest disco.  Choose the Dance Village.  Choose the silent disco.  Choose the Pussy Parlour.  Choose ‘Special Guests’ in unexpected places.  Choose not having a clue what’s going on on the outside for 5 days. Choose saying “This is fucking brilliant!” more times than you care to remember.  Choose walking into a very deceiving small tent, only to see 500 people dancing like loons and watching acrobats at 4am (bizarre was not the word).  Choose not having seen everything, even after 5 days.  Choose not having seen everything after 7 visits.  Choose the Cider Bus or the Brothers Bar carnage in the Jazz field.  Choose dancing outside the Wine Bars in the market.  Choose everyman and his dog being a weather expert when it rains.  Choose tripping over guide ropes.  Choose wet wipes, lots of wet wipes.  Choose us all instinctively knowing where we’ll be in a field of 40,000 people: “see you in our spec at 6pm” and everyone finding each other.  Choose the long-drops (never ever choose the portaloo’s).  Choose the days before the music starts being awesome.  Choose over doing it, before Friday, every single year.  Choose some of best moments of my life happening here.  Choose 177,000 people.  Choose a festival.  Don’t choose Bono with back Aids (the bad type).  Choose Glastonbury Festival.

It’s gonna be mucho scorchiooooo. Whoo hooooooo.

See you on the other side…

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12 thoughts on “Party time again

  1. Have a fabulous time. I finally went to the Isle of Wight Festival this year, brilliant time even though the line up was a bit naff. Next year Glastonbury!

  2. If you don’t see The National, who opened our show this week, you’ll be a much poorer man.

    Besides, when are you going to come to Cornbury – a proper music festival?

    Have a great time, though. 🙂

  3. I’m Sorry Scribbler but I have to pull you up on something, I believe the worlds smallest disco was the underwater one at “Standon calling” a couple of years ago. It was so cold and wet (I would have thought that would have encouraged People to get in as they were soaked through already) it was basicaly an empty pool – I guess the vomit floating across the top may have put people off….

  4. Have a good time.
    There is an annual big music festival called “Fuji Rock” about an hour away from where I live … and in 12 years I still haven’t gone to it. I am a loser.

  5. Brennig
    I watched The National, they were very good.

    Not sure when I’ll make it to Cornbury, compared to Glastonbury it doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea. Need to try it some year though 🙂


    Michelle Best
    It was brilliant. You can say wicked 🙂

    Surely that should be ‘Groovy Man’?!

    I did indeed 😀

    I stand to be corrected!

    I’ve seen bits of Fuji Rock a few times on MTV – if memory serves me right it’s held on a golf course? It looks brilliant. You MUST go and report back…loser!

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