A Day In The Life

07:20  Alarm goes off. Press snooze.

07:28  Alarm goes off. Press snooze.

07:36 Alarm goes off. Stretch, get out of bed and do morning stuff (shower, dressed, bowl of cornies, make sandwiches for lunch etc).

08:22  Leave for work.

08:34 Anticipate the Audi salesmen parking their cars (perfectly straight parking showroom style).

08:35  Yep. Audi salesmen are parking their cars. Two of them have 3 haircuts in 1. How many salesmen does it take to park a car? 5 apparently. Must use different route to work. They are as clockwork as I am.

08:39  Arrive at work.  Joy.

09:24  Boss asks if I have looked into the problem he spent most of yesterday working on and couldn’t resolve. I forgot about it: “errm, I’m still working on it”.  Suppose I need to start work.  Close the football pages of the BBC and Guardian sites.

09:32  Figured out the problem. Happy boss.

09:33  Proclaim myself a genius. Nobody listens.

10:23  Smokers come back from killing themselves. They stink.

13:00  My tuna salad sandwiches are eaten, followed by an apple and banana (Go Team Healthy).  Apple was a bit shit though.

14:57 See an IT report I’m not meant to see, includes staff internet usage…I’m top by a country mile. Oops. Decide to calm my internet use for a while (just in case).

15:09  Formulated my ‘defence’ if I get asked about my internet usage.

15:10  Decide to go the gym after work. Definitely.

17:00  FREEDOM

17:12  Drive past gym. “I’ll definitely go tomorrow”.

17:27  Arrive home and plod about the house.

18:57  Eat chicken and veg. Although Gordon Ramsey won’t be shitting himself just yet, a solid 7/10 on the food ratings scale.

19:30  Send a text to The Gadget Show to try and win lots of gadgets.

19:31  Watching the Lost finale.

21:30  Ponder what the fuck Lost was about. Surprised I got a lump in my throat towards the end (I’m a big girl), but decide I understand. I think. Not brilliant, but good.

22:00  Child like attention span takes hold: I constantly switch between TV and looking on the internet. Wanting to buy a compact digital camera so read reviews and search ebay. More research needed. Download The Black Keys new Long Player – ‘Brothers’.

23:58  Off to bed I go.

00:08  Not as tired as I thought I was. Pick up book.

00:09  Read one page, can’t be arsed (I’ve been at chapter 4 for the past 3 weeks). Turn TV on.

00:53  Decide not to stay awake for Snog Marry Avoid? Attempt sleep.

03:16  Wake up and nod off again.

05:22  Wake up again and nod off again.

06:41  Wake up again. I’ve got 40 minutes. ‘For Fucks Sake’.

07:20  Alarm goes off.

Rinse and Repeat daily.

Living the dream people. Living the dream!


28 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. Smidge
    08:22 – leave for work; 08:38 – Arrive. It’s a 15/20 minute drive, normally. If it was 4 mins I’d be in bed until 8.45 😉

    17, Drive past gym? Pfft! It’s a good 10 min drive, it’s not walkable from work, trust me!

  2. 7:20…7 efffing 20 that’s like half way through the day.

    Mrs B’s alarm goes off at 5:30 which means I’m awake and have to spend the next 45 mins trying to get her to a sitting position. At which point the cats wake up and demand breakfast. Once they are fed, I then have to make Tea and breakfast for Mrs B who has taken the opportunity to go back to sleep. I tried putting her in the shower, while I made breakfast but had to abandon that after she nearly drowned….. By this time she is now running late and won’t have time to park and catch the train. After I drop her off I am left with about 5 minutes to get myself ready for my hour + drive to work…..

  3. Mary Jane
    Good snoozeage

    7.20…you sound like my dad. I bet you’re one of them. Them, who mow their lawn at 7.30am on Saturday morning. I know your game mister, your cards are marked now!

    I’d never be able to hack an hour plus journey to work. An hour on the bus was bad enough but an hour commute driving would be the death of me.

    Yep, Mary Jane is Mrs B’s cousin.

    As BlackLOG said, it would be all of the above, but Lou Reed would be behind me singing “Perfect Day”. Constantly. For 24 hours.

    (I’m not sure about a perfect day, but a very good day involves sitting in a sunny field at Glastonbury Festival watching bands with my brothers and friends. Awww.)

  4. My day is nearly as exciting as yours! I’m glad my boss doesn’t check my computer use, although lately I’ve been too busy to do much else but work.

    You need some sleep! Still haven’t sussed a cure for the old insomnia eh?

    • S. Le
      To be honest that’s more or less my normal sleeping pattern. I tend to catch up on sleep at weekends if I need it. It’s not the best I know, but it seems to be enough for me.

  5. BlackLOG – 7.20…you sound like my dad. I bet you’re one of them. Them, who mow the lawn at 7.30am on Saturday morning. 7-15 to 7-45 is grass cutting

    I know your game mister, your cards are marked now! Evidently not since Kerplunk does not use cards

    I’d never be able to hack an hour plus journey to work. An hour on the bus was bad enough but an hour commute driving would be the death of me.
    What an hour playing music, listening to books, chasing down pedestrians, side swiping cyclists cutting up buses and giving the finger to taxi drivers – just because they are taxi drivers, what’s not to love

    Yep, Mary Jane is Mrs B’s cousin.
    She never talks about her, I wonder if they fell out over a sleep off…

  6. Hey that’s quite an interesting post 🙂 My day tomorrow will look like this.

    11:00 Get up and have breakfast. Go to pub. Go to a nice wee island. Go to more pubs. Get ferry home late night.

    Get train home and fall asleep. Sunday the same lol

  7. Yeah I’m living the dream as well. Sometimes I pinch myself just to make sure it’s not all just a beautiful dream. 😦

  8. Brennig
    I feel it’s my best work ye…oh, you meant the comments. I agree 😀

    Living. The. Dream. *high five*

    I never remember my dreams. I’m not sure they’d be as good though.

    I don’t think I’ll get questioned about it, my interweb behaviour in work has been more or less the same for years. I just never realised it was that much. Somebody has to come first though 😀

  9. I like the sound of your morning. Mine alternate between having to get up at O-FFS O’Clock and laying in till 8.30, depending on whether I am going to London that day or not.

    Guess which one I prefer?

  10. My day used to be like yours but now that I’m footloose and fancy free from work I have no routine at all. Which is just plain scary! I think I need to go back to bed on that note. 🙂

  11. 7:20?! Sooo jealous! My alarm goes off at six! I take the train to work though so I can always have a bit of a snooze on the way, as long as I don’t forget to get off.

    Award for you on my blog by the way.

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