Bands/People I’ve seen within the past month(ish). Including a full and concise one sentence review of the event.

Stars are rewarded out of 5.  Where * star is the lowest and ***** is the highest.

Name of Act Mumford & Sons
Genre Popular musical combination band. Producing sounds in the Folky/Acousticy music genre
Review Top notch, but they sounded too much like I was listening to their MP3’s at home, mix it up a bit next time lads
Stars ****

Name of Act Peter Kay
Genre Comedian
Review 60 minute warm-up show for his national arena tour, wasn’t expecting much; but side splitting funny as fook in bits, not so in other bits
Stars ***
Name of Act Derren Brown
Genre Magician/Illusionist/”mind-reading” type person (and quite possibly one of Satan’s offspring)
Review Staggeringly brilliantly awesome: even though he bats for the other side (and it’s not to mention impossible..), I want his babies
Stars *****
Name of Act Doves
Genre Popular Musical Combination band.  Producing sounds in the Indie music genre.
Review Got a bit tipsy beforehand, can’t remember much of it.
Stars *** (I think)

9 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. You are really mixing up your entertainment I see.

    I don’t like magicians for some reason. I know it’s all trickery, but I want to know the trick at the end!

  2. planetross
    I know what you mean. I’ve been trying to work out how he done what he done for the past few weeks. G’ah.

    I can’t do reviews, so this is the best I can muster. Glad it jogged your memory 🙂

    S. Le
    I know, one can only dream…

    I think more of the latter. Added to the fact I’m too nice for my own good and a thoroughly all round good egg…you can have 5 stars too ***** 😀

  3. My problem with Mumford and sons, while I like the first song that I heard, playing the album the sound just blurs into one. So not so much the case of a difficult second album but a difficult second, third, fourth etc…songs.

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