Going to the gym

My day job comprises of sitting behind a desk all day (looking busy) and the most strenuous bit of activity I get to do is when I lift a pen up to write something.  So I decided it was time I got my arse to the gym to do something.  If I happened to lose a bit of weight/tone up (how gay does that sound) or end up with muscles like Popeye then all will be good (although my right bicep doesn’t need feeding much more spinach at the moment).

I’ve been going the gym (intermittently) for about a month now, but to be honest I haven’t really known what I’m doing.  I’ve been going there just to do something rather than sit at home watching The One Show wondering when Chiles will shave his trampy beard.

That was until I bumped into a friend at the gym, who is a personal trainer, and I took him up on his offer to ‘put you through your paces’. 

The first session last week didn’t last long (or should I say: I didn’t last long!), but it was more productive than what I’d been doing previously.  I’d basically been having a nice little bike ride whilst staring at the lovely ladies on the treadmill in front.

Muscles I forgot I had have been rudely awakened.  After the first bout of torture I would’ve been more stable after a Saturday night out; I ended up walking out of the gym like a new born calf. 


22 thoughts on “Going to the gym

  1. I’ve been wanting to go to the gym for a while now, but none of my friends fancy going along with me. Kind of want to go with someone, rather than making friends there. Most of the gyms here are very personal.

    • Darfuria
      Even when I first went years ago, I’ve always had to go on my own for the same reason that none of my friends fancied going. I don’t mind going on my own though – just means I’ve got to motivate myself more to go when it’s the last thing I feel like doing. Give it a go on your own and see if you like it, everyone is in their own little world anyway with ipods in their ears.

  2. I’ve met loads of friends through the gym (Being childless and in your 40’s you miss out on the joys of inheriting your friends through your kids choice of friends. I can’t think of anything worse. I don’t remember imposing my friends parents on my parents when I was a kid, yet all our old friends who have kids now hand out in that circle. No great loss as they are carbon copies of each other living through their children. I tend to use the classes rather than the weights, that’s where the muscle bound hulks and posers hang out. After a couple of weeks of seeing the same faces you start talking and the next thing you are skiing with them, going to there weddings etc.

  3. BlackLOG
    I avoid the free weights and steroid heads too. No classes where I go though, so for the time being I’m letting my friend show me the (proper) ropes for a while.
    Nice description of kids parents being friends because of their kids. I can recognise a few people there!

    Thanks! I too was laughing at myself for being a wimp 😀

    I thought I had reasonable fitness too, until he basically told me everything I’d been doing for the past couple of months was wrong. Sigh!

  4. The biggest fitness craze for the past few years over here is “boot camps”. The trainer treats the class as if they are military recruits and he’s the drill sargent. He takes them on long runs, pushups on their knuckles etc all the while he’s yelling at them right in their faces. Not my thing really but lots of people do it.

  5. Never thought of it before. One’s legs DO feel like one has been ill; all wobbly and weak. s’pose that means one should never exercise.

    • Sherry-Colorado
      I’ve heard about them, think they do them here too. Not my cup of tea to be honest!

      S. Le
      They did indeed feel wobbly. It’s certainty easier to not exercise than to exercise!

  6. The first few years of going to the gym are the worst. After that you don’t really feel it so much. … maybe that’s paying taxes … or something like that.

    Good luck!

    I’ll be back in the gym shortly … or wearing shorts at least.

      • What? Drunken weekend lines up? Yeaaaah! More excellent, crazy blog fodder should come of it. I can just see it now. You wake up to find that guy from the pub dressed in camouflage on a reconnaissiance mission in your bed. Then you tell tell him he’s in the wrong room and send him to the roommates room.

    • Sherry-Colorado
      Not sure it’ll be crazy (it’s mostly family stuff), but I’ll try my best.

      If you were in my neck of the woods I’d say terrified. As it is, I think you’re safe…for now bwahaha (thats supposed to am evil laughter type of thing) 😀

  7. Just think how much you’ll like having a bit of deffinition, some biceps, pec’s etc. (Assuming you don’t already have them.) On that note next on the list is having your teeth bleached neon white, hair implants if needed, botox injections between the eye brows. We’ll make a yank of you yet! hehe

  8. I know going to the gym can be exhausting and sometimes you might not have the time. Having the problem myself. Well I need to start at some point again me thinks!

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