Swashbuckling Music

In a lot of pubs and clubs you get bands playing covers of great songs – this is what happened in a recent jaunt to a drinking establishment.  They are quite often far too loud for said pub…and shite.  But what you don’t normally get is Captain Hook playing Purple Rain.

I can only think of a few disabled musicians: Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Beethoven and…Michael Jackson (ho ho ho)! (A google search finds a few more).  But I’ve never seen someone play guitar with a hook, a proper piratey hook.  He had the whole pirate look going on too (well, you would wouldn’t you).  How brilliant would it be to scare kids with?  If I ever lose my arm in an unfortunate, but comically tragic accident, I definitely want a hook.

He played through their set and even completed the odd solo with his hook.  Going from great ‘cover band classics’ such as Ghostbusters, My Generation and Purple Rain.  How hard must that have been to master?  Alright, he wasn’t exactly Jimi Hendrix, but to this landlubber, I couldn’t help but be impressed.  I almost doffed my cap to the brilliant swashbucklin’ buccaneer.

It was nearly good enough to make me go home, get my guitar* out and play with the end of an IKEA coat hanger. 

*I don’t own a guitar, neither can I play one.


8 thoughts on “Swashbuckling Music

  1. Did he do any covers of Dr Hook?

    For the record my favourite Dr Hook songs are :-0

    “Roland the Roadie and Gertrude the Groupie”
    Got to No.74 in Canada (I estimate that to be sales figures of around 5 to 6 singles sold), I’m sure it would have broken the top 1,000 if it had been released in the UK

    “Baby makes her blue Jeans talk”
    (Let’s hope that was not just trapped wind….)

    “That didn’t hurt too bad”
    (Begs the question, what was the good Dr doing with that hook?)

    OK, I confess the only Dr Hook song I know –
    “When you are in love with a beautiful woman” and I hated that….

    • BlackLOG
      When I wrote the post I couldn’t think of priate related band names. You win hands down with Dr Hook.

      I’ve no idea what Dr Hook sing either so I’ll have to trust your musical expertise on this one!

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