Internet Friends

When all the kool kidz had a MySpace page she added me as a “friend”, from there we got ‘talking’ through messages and emails.  Then when all the kool kidz migrated to Facebook we continued our electronic friendship there.

We exchanged emails/messages several times a week and got chatting on MSN.  We shared each others ups and downs, moaned about the opposite sex, relationship problems and we generally put the world to rights.  We made each other laugh. 

As much as you can get to know someone through emails and MSN, I’d say we got to know each other very well.  A few times both of us mentioned meeting up, but for one reason or another it never happened and it wasn’t an issue.

This happened over a couple of years, until she got a new boyfriend and as seems to happen when other female friends get a new play thing, the contact dried up.  The emails and messages stopped and she no longer appeared on MSN. 

This was a couple of years ago now and although she is still a ‘friend’ on the Book of Face, we haven’t contacted each other for ages.

Last night I found myself stood having a pint with a mate and stood opposite me at the other end of the bar, there she was with a few friends.  For several years she had been a size 10 Arial font and now she was real.  What’s the protocol here? 

“Hi, I’m that guy you’ve told everything to on the internet…”

We made eye contact and recognised each other, she was as shocked as me.  I seen and heard her inner scream from 15 feet away.

For the next 5/10 minutes we kept making eye contact but as soon as I caught her looking at me and made eye contact, she glanced away.  She wouldn’t hold it long enough for me to acknowledge her, or act on it.   Then she went to sit in a different part of the pub with her friends and the moment had past. 

I’d love to say this has a happy ending (we went home together and I feel slightly dirty as I type this), but unfortunately I went home alone and a bit confused. 

I’ve met weirdo’s people I’ve got to know on the internet in the past and although initially awkward it’s not that weird (until they do actually turn out to be a bit mental).

Why couldn’t/wouldn’t she acknowledge me?  Why didn’t I have the balls to go up to her and say hello (although given she was with 3 male friends, I’m not sure “I’m the guy from the internet” would’ve gone down too well)? 

We were/are internet friends (how geeky does that sound, Poindexter) and I know there may be some kind of unwritten rule of not having internet stuff cross over into real life.  But a little nod or smile of acknowledgement would’ve done.  It was just…odd.


30 thoughts on “Internet Friends

  1. Chase her up on it. Send her a message on Facebook “Hey, how are you doing? Sorry I didn’t come over and say hello to you the other night – you were with a few friends and I didn’t want to put you in an awkward situation. If you’re still around, do you fancy catching up and having a few drinks?”

  2. aw mate that’s a bit odd. Donnae feel bad about it, can you imagine not just saying hi to each other, but explaining to the people you were both with who the other was? Definitely chase up. Esp if she was hot 🙂 xxxxxx

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    Given we haven’t spoke to each other in ages I’m not sure chasing her up is the best thing to do. She has a bf, hence no longer keep in touch etc.
    It was just like seeing an old mate in a pub…yet someone I couldn’t speak to.
    I’m not upset about it, just a bit put out that we couldn’t say hi. I know it would’ve been awkward, but “’s just someone I work with..” normally works 😉

    But yeh, fuckwittery, she is hotter than her pictures suggest, ha! bf means I can’t chase though. I might do something more mature and throw a sheep at her on Facebook.

  4. Throw a sheep, send her a message or whatever but do something, she’d be disappointed if you didn’t….

  5. I suppose it’s just the whole thing of knowing someone in one way (internet them) and not in another (real them). The two are often a gulf apart. The internet’s an escape for some people, and when it comes down to meeting up, often it’s like a guilty secret.

  6. fuckwittery
    There’ll be no sheep throwing around these parts!

    I’m tempted to send her a message but as I said above, I’m not sure it’ll be appropriate. It always seems to be me chasing/contacting people, never the other way around 😦

    Is that the sound of a nail being hit on the head

    haha another vote for sheep…hmmmm :p

  7. I’m not sure she sounds worth it. I have lots of female friends with boyfriends and husbands (or is that one female friend with lots of boyfriends and husbands…I digress, she’s in prison for bigamy).

    If she was not even willing to make eye contact across a pub she is not going to make good friend material. Think of her as a ship that passed in the night. With any luck she will hit an iceberg but for gods sake don’t think of her going down with all hands…. the sexual tension might prove too much for you…..

  8. This is just freaky deaky!
    The only Facebook friends I have that live even remotely close to me usually come over for beer on Saturday nights. (sadly or happily)

  9. BlackLOG
    I agree with you. Before people suggested contacting her it didn’t cross my mind to. As far as I’m concerned she made the decision to stop talking with me ages ago (as has happened when other, what I thought were mates, stopped being pally with me when new boyfriends came onto the scene), therefore there is nothing for me to chase up. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirts = not worth the hassle.

    Nice image of her going down on her hands though 😀

    Aye, t’was freaky deaky, indeedy dandy doo da, so it was!

  10. Quite probably one of the guys with her was her boyfriend and if Cynical you are somewhat good looking her boyfriend might be the jealous type and given her hell about how and where she knows you from.

    For all she knew you might have gone up and said arent you “”

    She was probably so surprised she just didnt know what to do.

    I agree though that excusing herself from her mates and introducing herself to you (away from your mates as well) would have been the thing to do.

    If she hasnt sent you an email appologising for not acknowledging you then she’s obviously not interested any longer. Her loss really.

    I don’t understand the sheep comments you all have made…

  11. BTW it was cool that you could see she was she wasnt interested for what ever reason and left her alone. Some guys wouldnt have taken theh non-verbal ques and went up to her anyway…

    • Sherry-Colorado
      I wasn’t too fussed if she introduced herself or not, it was more the situation we were in, a wave/nod would’ve done. No email and I didn’t expect one either. No biggy, as BlackLOG said, ze ship has sailed.

      The sheep stuff is about a ‘poke’ thing on Facebook where you can throw sheep at people…or elbow them, drop kick them etc 🙂

  12. Scribs, I am appalled at her behaviour. I can assure you that if we ever meet in real life, I will come running up to you and throw my arms around you to give you a BIIIIGGG HUUGGG!!! =D Yes I am one of those mental ones, thought I’d give you a heads up.

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