The Plan

Quite a few years ago; I decided I wanted to go to Australia, but neither had the balls or money to do it.

A few months ago; I decided I had the balls to do it, but not the money (with a massive “sod this, I’m going..” thrown in for good measure).

One month ago; I purchased an Australian Working Holiday Visa.

72 hours after that, my Working Holiday Visa application was rejected because my passport was running out – I knew this too, but thought I might get a magic bypass (yeah, I know…I didn’t think it’d work either, but it was for some passport renewal fees I wanted to avoid).

7 days later and with a £250 dent in my pocket (including passport renewal fees), I became the owner of an Australian Working Holiday Visa and a renewed passport. 

I’ve got a year to get my arse there.

The Plan has always been:

  • purchase visa
  • work out when I’ll have saved enough money to support myself for, at the very least, 3 months (hopefully longer, but that’s my minimum). 
  • make sure that I’ll be in Sydney for New Year
  • set leaving dates
  • purchase plane tickets
  • go to Australia
  • …see what happens…

Granted, it’s a plan of Baldrick proportions, but that is as planned as I want it to be!

Unfortunately, income I thought I had coming in hasn’t materialised (yet), so the purchase of plane tickets has had to be put back.  But so far the saving is plodding along nicely and I’m still on target.

There is also the small matter of possibly having to give up my job of the past 12 years.  It’s not the greatest job in the world, but it pays ok and it’s a job.  As they don’t know my plans, I may still be able to have a few months sabbatical, but I’m not banking on it and whether I go or not will not depend on their answer.  I’ll only tell work once I’m certain I’m going (i.e. booked plane tickets) and just see what they say.

There are also various degrees of shitting myself about this.  One week I’m full of positives and know, absolutely, that this is what I’m going to do.  The next week, I’m less sure of myself and wonder if it’s the right thing to do. 

But I keep getting back to one thing: I’ve wanted to go for years and nothing is stopping me…so why not?  I need to go and see what the pull of Australia is to me and at least get it out of my system, if nothing else.

I’ve also told far too many people that I’m going by the end of the year (I’m looking at end of Nov/early Dec), so it’s a bit late to back out now – hence throwing this up here.  Just to egg myself on a bit more (so I don’t end up with actual egg on my face) and make it a bit more real.


18 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. You’re actually going? Hurrah! Good on you then! Let us all know so we can throw you a virtual bon voyage party!

    (I love Blackadder!)

  2. Stephanie of Stopbouncing
    Thanks! I’ll be existing in excitement 😉

    Thank you! That’s a very generous offer given I’m an internet axe murderer 😉
    Seriously though, thanks. If I need assistance I’ll give you a shout.

    S. Le
    I’m as sure as I can be at this point in proceedings. Some of my friends still don’t think I’ll do it though!

    Nice one, cheers.

  3. Woo hooo! Welcome to Jo’s world of ‘sod it, I’m going’.

    A tip, if you’re planning on being in Sydney for New Year, you might want to book your transport and hostel now 😉

  4. Jo
    Why thank you. As you can see, the plan is fully formulated! I’ve been looking at hostels, but thought I’d have a few more months grace. Therefore a novice traveler, with no plan to speak of, has just sent you an email asking for your worldly wise Sydney hostel advice 🙂

    Plan or no plan: “Everything will work out ok” is my current motto 😀

  5. Yay!! I have a friend there now who’s on a working holiday visa too! And you’ll be closer to me! And I may be visiting Australia this year too! Yay! Go Scribs Go!

  6. Good for you! I only went to Oz for 3 weeks and it was great. We did it the expensive way and stayed in hotels so can’t help with accommodation but if you go to Uluru (which is wonderful) go on to Kings Canyon which is much less touristy and has some great hiking. Happy planning!

  7. fuckwittery
    Not really to be honest, there’s a few things I definitely want to do (Uluru for example), but on the whole I’m just going to see what happens and how far I can get with what money I have (hopefully pick up some kind of work too). NZ isn’t really in my plans, but as it’s only over the road it’d be a shame not to.
    I’m basically just gonna wing the whole thing, I might last 12 months, I might last 2…(weeks) 😉

    The Girl
    I’m only going there to be in a closer country to you…obviously! 😀

    Thanks. Found a few hostels yesterday who emailed me back with decent rates over Xmas/NY and they have good ratings on Trip Advisor/hostel review sites. So I’m just gonna bite the bullet with one in the next couple of weeks.
    Uluru will work itself in there at some point 😉

  8. Everyone has to go to Australia to get it out of their system.

    Austalia is awesome! It’s all quite civilized.
    Go everywhere! Do everything!
    Check for free rides on hostel bulletin boards.
    Eat kangaroo steaks; it’s cheaper than spaghetti. (or used to be)
    Have middies, pottles, schooners, or whatever else they call glasses of beer there.

    Australia is awesome!

  9. planetross
    I’ve mentioned it before on here about my desire to go, this time I’m going to do something about it though.

    I’ve ate kangaroo burgers in the past, quite tasty!

    I’m hoping ‘pint please’ will get me by, I’ve noticed they have bizarre glass measurements in some states!

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