It starts by opening Google Reader to catch up on some blog reading (and whatever other shite that I’ve got piling up in that thing – 118 unread items in less than a day – not good for my sanity).  Ten minutes in and I’m already on a slippery slope…my mind starts wandering… 

  • 12 tabs open in Firefox which include:
    • things half-read or to be read
    • 3 half written comments on blogs: I write a sentence and go back to it.  There must be something better happening on the internet somewhere else before I finish these off…
  • 2 forums are refreshed – switch between the 2 rather than bring myself up to date one at a time.
  • (Anally) correctly tagging newly downloaded albums.
  • Load some music onto my phone.
  • Dive into Google Reader again, open up a few more tabs to read the full post (unnecessary clicking, give us the full feed).  Leave these for now, continue reading through Reader.
  • Gmail Notifier says no new emails.  Click anyway to make sure.
  • How’s that music getting on? 
  • It was correct.  No new emails.  Close.
  • Add a sentence to blog comment 2. Not sure what else to add, but I’ll  come back to it.
  • How and why have I got this webpage open?  Close.
  • Scan read 2 open tabs so I can clean up a bit.  Let’s get a blog comment out of the way while I’m here.
  • Google something I’ve just read.  Middle click on search results to background open the links I like most.  I open 5 tabs in the background.  Leave till later.
  • *ping* Idea for Blog Post: open up Windows Live Writer and write a few lines.  Get bored.  Save draft.  Look, blankly, at list of 9 drafts.  Close.
  • Back to Google Reader and I realise why I had that tab, which I closed, open in the first place.  Shit.
  • Go to comment box of blog 1 and forgot why or what I’m commenting on.  First sentence of my comment doesn’t jog any memory.  Scan read original post.  Decide it’s not worth it (or someone has already commented something similar).  Close.
  • Copy and paste more music onto phone.
  • Mark half-read blog post in Reader ‘unread’ so I can move on and read another blog feed that’s just updated.
  • What blog was I just reading?
  • My phone has been sat next to me for the past few hours.  I’ve had no texts, but check anyway.   Yep…no texts.
  • Scan read news feeds.  Sod this feed stuff…open BBC News: start reading.
  • Refresh forums, laugh at new posts.  Reply to one.
  • Wonder how I’ve got a billion tabs open again.  Sack this.
  • “Do you want Firefox to save your tabs for the next time it starts?” No. 

Rinse and repeat daily.


32 thoughts on “Multitasking

    • Sherry-Colorado
      Mental – would be the easier way to describe it 🙂

      Glad you like the post. I’m the same, phone/email gets checked far too much compared the amount of actual emails/texts I get. You know you’re in trouble when you’re pleased to get spam emails…

      Whoo Hooo!

  1. So close to this myself. 2 windows open, combined total of 9 tabs. It’s taken me forever to write this comment. I only sat down to catch up on Reader and a couple of emails. 2 hours later and I’ve done neither.

    Came across your blog through somewhere else I mostly lurk. Excellent read.

  2. Startup routine:
    1. One Firefox session = eight tabs that include iGoogle. Google reader currently has (hang on)… 251 unread
    2. Skype

    Also have a bunch of shortcuts saved in my Firefox toolbar which I hit in strict order of precedence.

    I like to think I’m organised and methodical. I’m often wrong. 🙂

  3. It’s called Cyberspace A.D.D. – certainly not fatal but disconcerting and time-consuming. I’m seeking a cure – via Google.

    (visiting from All Mod Cons’ blog)

  4. All Mod Cons
    Hi, glad you like the blog 🙂
    I’m still doing it myself, after writing that sentence I opened up 3 new tabs of pages to read…five minutes later I’m back to finish off.

    I’d be far too tempted to ‘mark all as read’ with 251 unread items!

    Hi, thanks for commenting.
    Yep, that’s definitely what I’ve got. I like to think it keeps my brain in shape.

    S .Le
    We’re full of surprises!

    Technically you’re probably correct, but I can’t do all three at once unless I wear a bib.

  5. I check my BB for email, even though I know that if there is email then the red light will be flashing.

    I also check my Gmail first thing in the morning on my computer, even though my Gmail is also set up on my BB (and that gets checked, immediately after I wake up).

  6. my computer stops me from being too multitasking – it’s so fucking slow I need to wait for about half an hour before it opens up a link in a new window. I should really sort it out. But then I’d just be even more distracted….

  7. Perpetual
    Sadly, I check my email before I even crawl out of bed too. Out of habit more than anything! Damn technology.

    Mine takes an age to startup, but once it gets going it isn’t too bad. Not bad considering I’ve hammered this thing for 5/6 years. It’s been on it’s deathbed twice, I refuse to let it die (and spend money on a new one).

  8. I currently have 5 tabs open. 3 of them are blogs. And I wonder why I’m not getting anywhere with my dissertation…
    Also, I’ve been meaning to ring the boyfriend to find out when he’ll be home for the past half an hour. But… must read blogs first… right?

  9. Cynical, will you go and put yourself in harms way? I’m fed up of my own dating disasters and want you to enact some! xxx

    • Bevchen
      Kerrect, the interwebs come first.

      Cynical, will you go and put yourself in harms way?
      Such as…throw myself in front of a bus? Go to play on the motorway? Eat moldy food?

      Alas, my dating disasters don’t come along very often! I’ll let you all know when the next one occurs though 😀

    • Perpetual
      Yes. Yes you did 😉

      Sorry no stories to divulge at this point 😦

      not sure you could handle me perp” – there’s a challenge if ever I heard one *cough*

      Nothing won this weekend I’m afraid.

  10. Ok Cyn it’s Friday night and your up. Hmmm that didn’t sound right! Ove here that’s a baseball analogy. It means you are at the plate.

    You’ve got the uh humm bat in your hands err so-to-speak. That didn’t sound right either…

    Now are you gonna take a swing?

    Knock one out? Damn that means something different here as well…

    Oh I give up with the baseball analogies!

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