Memory Fail (reprise)

After the other week when I stupidly forgot my bank card PIN number, I requested a new PIN number from the bank.  (Who by the way, couldn’t explain why, even though my PIN had been blocked, I’d still been able to withdraw cash a day earlier). 

Anyway, I got my new PIN number and thought all was hunky dory.  I wrote my new PIN on a post-it note just incase I forgot it again.  But I managed to I withdraw cash from the machine without any mishaps, it was fine. 

A few days later I went to get some shopping and went to pay with my card.  It flashed up before I’d even tried to enter a number: ‘PIN BLOCKED’.  What the fuck?   The stupid banking bastards had sent me a new number without unblocking it?

So there I was, stood with a trolley full of shopping with no cash on me and card that didn’t work.  Again. 


Yet again, with red cheeks, I went outside to the cash point expecting my card to be swallowed by the money monster.  Instead, it accepted my PIN number and there was an option to unblock my PIN – even though it should’ve been unblocked by the bank – after going through a little rig-moral of entering numbers about a million times it said it was now unblocked.  With a new, more memorable, PIN number.

I went back into the store and paid for my stuff, she must’ve thought I wasn’t coming back because she was about to cart it off. 

And, well, ummm, that’s it really.

What an ending eh?  This is up there with the gimp bit in The Usual Suspects.


16 thoughts on “Memory Fail (reprise)

  1. No no no no no no! It’s not PIN number. The ‘n’ in PIN means ‘number’. So it’s PIN. Or Personal Identification Number. It’s not Personal Identification Number Number.


    But I’m a bit mad.


    But harmless.




    I’ll go now.

  2. Sounds like it might have been Brennig blocking your number….

    I would like to point out that if you asked for a pin from most people you would get a small sharp metal item, which is not going to help you pay for your shopping. I guess you could threaten the check out staff with it but I suspect only 1 in 1,000 would let you rob the store with it….

  3. The bank blocked my card when i was buying myself a sad single shopping basket of: ready meal for one, huge pack of chocolate brownies and cat food.

    I thought my day couldnt get any more humiliating. It obviously could!

  4. Brennig
    Wow! haha
    When I wrote that I knew ‘PIN number’ was wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself. I shall be more aware in future, apologies 😉

    I think if you forced a pin into their eyeballs you might get a few more checkout staff complying with your needs. Try it, let me know how you get on…

    haha that’s a brilliant shopping basket. You have my sympathies.

    My self-conscious self is always stupidly aware of what stuff I buy. I actually do try and not buy stuff that screams ‘single male’. Obviously I can’t always avoid it!

  5. Apart from a rather satisfying popping sound, a lot of unnecessary screaming and a lifetime ban from Tesco’s, no joy. Plus they would not give my pin back, claimed it was evidence. I call it theft…..

    • I’m very aware of the items I put in my shopping basket as well only because it’s not uncommon here for the check-out clerks to comment on every item being purchased.

      I find this practise very annoying. Lets say I’m having friends over and I buy several avocados, chips and soda’s. The clerk will say “I see you are having a party tonight and making guacamole.”

      It seems harmless enough I know but what about other items in my basket?

      What if I bought condoms as well? I half expect her to ask if I’m expecting a bit of rumpy pumpy after the after the guacamole. “Might I suggest the extra large, ribbed, burrito flavoured condoms might be better suited for your Mexican themed, tarty little shag-fest”

      This being the USA it could very well be followed with “Instead of condom’s dear why don’t you purchase a bible.” Ok ok I’m exagerating a tiny bit.

      You can see where this is going…

      What if I’m buying other personal products? I can see it now… “Heavy flow darlin?” or “Feminine itch there hun?” “Bit farty dear?”

      Yes Im very aware of what I purchase as well.

      • Sherry-Colorado
        You’re lucky if you get a smile out of someone on the checkouts in supermarkets by me, never mind a conversation. Mind you, I’m too busy squashing bread and trying to remember my PIN to talk to anybody.

        Tell them you have no intention of eating guacamole, but instead plan to sit and admire them until they shrivel up.

  6. I would be mortified. At least you sussed it, and got your groceries as well.

    I’d keep a watch over my shoulder for Bren if I were you.

  7. I think you definitely need to keep your eyes peeled for Bren. Just to help calm him down, may I just say –

    PIN number
    PIN number
    PIN number
    PIN number
    PIN number
    PIN number


  8. People say “Komodo Dragon” … but that just means “Dragon Dragon” and “Koh Samui Island” just means “Island Samui Island” … but “PIN number” is all English … mmmmm

    I’m sure some people say, “the CIA agency”.
    … or “the UNICEF fund”
    … or “TP paper”
    … or “this SNAFU is all fucked up”

    … I wrote a sweary word now … so I’ll stop. hee hee!

    note: chewing cabbage twice is ok … just in case no one heard you chewing it the first time.

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