Depending on where I’m going I get really paranoid/some kind of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder wondering if I have everything I need in my pockets.

If it’s a night out, I’ll put my money in my pocket, go downstairs and check that it’s still in my pockets.  Then, as if the money was somehow going to disappear from my pocket, I check again a few more times before I leave the house.  Mental.

It’s worse when I go to a football match/gig/holiday.  Tickets/money/keys/passports are all checked numerous times before I leave the house, checked again in the car.  Then checked numerous times throughout the journey.  I don’t actually relax about it until I walk  through the doors with the ticket.  I’m a nightmare on the way to Glastonbury Festival; I’d be better off super glueing/gluing [sp?!] the ticket to my fod.

There is more likelihood of losing stuff with my constant checking than just forgetting.   I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten anything I needed to take out with me (apart from my PIN number the other day, obviously).

Unless I’ve forgotten about it.

Other, not quite normal, things I do:

  • Toilet roll in the bathroom must always be dispensed outwards (the paper rolls away furthest from the wall).  If the toilet paper rolls out closet to the wall I’ll change it around, even if it’s not my house.  I find it odd that people willingly let it roll out closet to the wall.  It’s just not cricket.
  • Talking of toilets…I know this will sound gay, but…I can’t go the toilet if someone is next to me (urinals) or possibly listening (the shower/taps running in the house make more of a racket than a stream of piss when I know my housemate is in his room next to the bathroom) – I’m sure this harps back to being 7/8 when I had to wee in a pot/bowl thing to find out why I had pains to my stomach (not sure they ever found anything)!  I specifically remember being stood there in the hospital, trying to piss, for what seemed like hours.  I still obviously haven’t gotten over the trauma!
  • This extends to being in work toilets too…there is nothing worse than hearing another man drop his payload.
  • Packets of crisp (or bags/packets of anything) must be opened the right way up.  They never taste the same if you open a packet upside down.  Fact.
  • I hate the radio/tv volume being on an odd number.  It annoys the hell out of me, even if I haven’t got the remote control I make sure the other person just puts it on an even number.  Although sometimes I don’t mind it being on a multiple of 5 (15/20/25 etc).  If it lands and stays on, for example, 23…god have mercy on your soul.
  • I’ve lived in 3 houses, all have been odd numbered homes.


There’s bound to be more, but they are the main ones that have just come flying to the forefront of my mind.


36 thoughts on “Odd

  1. “Payload” hahahaha hahahaha! Thanks that really make me laugh!
    There was a guy at my office who would every morning take his newspaper with him into the men’s room. It was particularly embarrassing because from my desk I could see down the hall to the men’s room and he would wave to me every morning and hold up his folded newspaper as if to say “Yes. I’m going to take a good long time reading my paper and dropping my payload.”

    • Sherry
      haha, even if someone enters the toilets whilst I’m in there I stay in hiding until they’ve gone. It’s horrible someone knowing you were the guilty party!

      It’s not weird. It’s the correct way of doing things *cough*

  2. I once was driving to Le Mans for the 24hr race with a friend as a passenger. Quite early on in the journey he realised that I only liked the stereo volume on an even number. He spent many hours trying to sneakily change it, only for me to change it back to normality.

    I hate to admit it, but am with you on the toilet roll thing too. Though I have never yet felt compelled to change the direction of someone elses roll!

    • Bathroom Toilets
      Hello there. I didn’t know there was a moved called “23”, but having just looked it up on IMDB and finding it has Jim Carey in it…I can confirm I will never watch it 😉

      Cynical Scribble…avoiding odd numbers so you don’t have to…

  3. I have to recount this. I was standing in the toilet having a pee when another guy came in and stood beside me to do his stuff. Then I noticed that he had a mug of coffee in his hand. At least he didn’t sip it while he was standing there, but all the same… Eeeew!

  4. I do the pocket check thing all the time, drives Mrs B up the wall.

    No toilet or crisp phobias although I will never eat out of a packet of crisps that anyone has pissed in. Call me picky but it would make the crisps soggy…

    Mrs B, for as long as I have known her the closest motorway junction is alway J8

    J8 of M25 – when we met
    J8 of M1 – When we moved in together
    J8 of M11 – now –
    We spent a year looking for this house, we could have cut down the search area by restricting to areas close to J8 on motorways

    • Perpetual
      Good to see I’m not the only volume mental…welcome aboard squire 😉

      Would it help if I wore a tinfoil hat?!
      Can’t say I’ve ever attempted a wee holding a cup in my actual hand. Although, on the same sort of principal, I have pissed at festivals whilst biting a paper pint/cup in my mouth (lack of anywhere to put it, but the teeth done an admiral job of saving my pint). In short, I’m basically a sub-human being and quite low down on the food chain.

      I don’t really have a crisp phobia, it just annoys me if its opened upside down. Not that it makes a difference… agree with the soggy crisp though, soggy crisp are not good to anyone.

      Ooohhhh, nice. A ‘fear of leaving a numbered 8 junction’ phobia. I can only hope J8 offers greater traffic flow than either Junction 7’s or 9’s. I wish I had a witty or sarcastic ending to this reply, but alas, you’ll have to live with this one…

    • Stephanie of Stopbouncing
      Hi Stephanie. When I posted this I didn’t think ‘odd’ was the correct word. ‘Particular’ or even ‘fussy barsteward’ would’ve been much more appropriate if my brain could’ve thought of it last night!

      I didn’t think I’d find another toilet paper over-hanger, I thought it was just me, welcome to the club 🙂

  5. I have never read a blog before, I found yours by accident this morning and am strangely intrigued by it all. Plus it’s really quite funny, nice to know there are lots more oddballs who turn toilet paper the RIGHT way round and honour the importance of the volume being at a correct and even number, with you on the crisp packets too, nice one!

    • The Girl
      You and I are alike? Hmmm, *checks genitalia*…nope….I’m still male 😉

      S. Le
      All the greatest people are unusual!

      Hello Susie, glad you stumbled onto my blog and thanks for the comment. Crisp packets, even numbers AND toilet paper the right way round…the perfect guest…make yourself at home 🙂

      There will be more out there. Given quite a few more volume mentalists have come out the woodwork with this post, just imagine how many people have, just this second, nudged the volume onto 20 a second ago. Millions, that’s how many! We are not alone…

      The wall side? That’s sacrilege *shock* she’s a witch…burn her! 😉

  6. There is only one correct way to hang loo paper! Your way is the correct way. I’ve also switched it in public toilets just so it is correct. Sad that.

  7. I’m with you on the toilet roll and I’ve been known to change the roll round in public places. Though I haven’t done that at a friends house, yet!

    • S. Le
      Great minds think alike

      I forgot all about posting this, Mr Morris is a genius.
      I know what you mean about it being a bit pervy, but that’s why blogs are great! Glad you like reading my insane ramblings, thanks for leaving comments too.
      You get a gold star for reading through past posts, I’d never have the patience (or the attention span)!

      Fantastic, another vote for toilet roll correctness 😀

  8. I’ve never heard/noticed the channel volume on an even number thing before. I must do research.

    A few people have changed my toilet roll in the past, but I just change it back the next time I’m dropping … a payload. hee hee!

  9. Just being a nosey git here but what else are you obsessive or compulsive about? If you don’t mind my asking. It is interesting…

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