Memory Fail

I went food shopping yesterday (not a ‘big shop’, just ‘to get some bits’): I had my bank card and my keys; that’s all I needed so all was fine and dandy.  Little did I know it would lead to my worst shopping nightmare; one I always dread happening to me.

The woman at the checkout scans my items and tells me the price (£22 odd food shopping fact fans). I take out my bank card and immediately my brain shouts at me:

“I CAN’T REMEMBER YOUR PIN NUMBER.  HAHAHA. DICKHEAD!  BAHAHAHAAAAaaaaa.  Let’s see you get out of this one!”

I punched 4 numbers into the thing.  Incorrect.

My brain just wasn’t working. couldn’t remember my PIN.  I tried to remember the shape I make as I press numbers.  I knew it was 2 numbers on the right and 2 on the left (narrowed it down for me there brain.  Well done).

Again, “Incorrect PIN”.   Bollocks.

“Errr, I’ve forgot my PIN number” I told the woman at the till as the 2 people behind me just stared at me like I was a simple.  She too, looked and smiled at me as if I’d just been let out on day release and told me to try again.  I tried again and failed.

With no cash in my wallet and no other cards to use my shopping nightmare had come true: taking goods to the till but not being able to pay for them.

My cheeks went a brighter shade of red than that time, as a 12 year old, I stole a keyring from the Butlins souvenir shop as a dare (I’m still convinced I’ll get caught for that soon).

Remember a couple of years ago you could still sign for stuff with your debit card?  They’ve knocked that on the head now too.  Bastards.

So having no cash or other cards to pay for my shopping, fuming at this modern technology lark and my own feeble mind, I had to go home empty handed.

Therefore last nights dinner comprised of beans.  Just beans.  Other food stuffs and bread they could’ve accompanied was sat at the till mocking me.

Half an hour after I got home I heard the ‘PING’ noise inside my head and remembered my PIN number.  By this point it was too late, my brain was still laughing at me and I could only dream of having some milk to make a cup of tea.

The onset of old age has finally kicked in kids.  Bring it on!


15 thoughts on “Memory Fail

  1. Ah, not good!

    I tend to have my pin number in my phone, saved as a made-up person. For example, if I banked with Natwest, I’d add “Natalie West” to my phone, and the last 4 digits of the made-up telephone number would be my PIN.

  2. Hahahahaha!! Now I’m not feeling so old! Ha! They won’t let you sign for a debit card? When did THAT happen?

    Did one have a wee bit too much alcohol the evening before one’s memory crashed and burnt?

  3. HAHAHA!!! Oh dear, Scribs, I feel so sorry for you! I completely understand how devastating it must be to leave your potential meal behind and return to a dinner of beans….

    • Darfuria
      I thought of putting it in my phone too, but then I’d be buggered if I ever lost my phone. Saying that, it’d be more useful than my memory.

      It’s not good when I only have one card though!

      It’s a slippery slope. I’ve already moved onto sponge cutlery.

      S. Le
      Almost everywhere here has ‘chip & PIN’ now, so they’ve done away with the signing with the debit card.
      I was stone cold sober (I’m not a alcoholic you know)!

      The Girl
      I can live with the beans as a one-off. I was more embarrassed for being a gimp.

  4. I once attempted to give my pin number as a tip (in my defence it was the first time I used a machine that allowed that facility). It would have been very expensive if I had succeeded. Top tip keep your pin code low in case it ever happens to you…..0000 would be the safest option. I must admit I have changed all my cards to the same code I just can’t face forgetting so many different codes….

    You should have tried the old dribbling and wetting yourself trick. They probably would have given you some out of date tins of dog food to go with those beans and possibly some nappies.

    • BlackLOG
      That would be brilliant “I loved your service tonight, take my card and here’s my PIN, go mad…”
      After getting myself into several thousand pounds worth of debt, due to credit cards stupidly giving me ‘free money’ (I was young, stupid and naive), I’m now down to just the trusty debit card so I only have 1 number to remember (and I can’t even remember them 4 digits). The others were cut up ages ago – although I am still paying it all back. Sigh.

      Next time I’m at the cash point my PIN is getting changed to something more memorable (not 1234/0000 though!).

      I was already shamed enough sans dribble!

    • smalltownsmalltimes
      Thanks for the comment, glad you liked the post, I’m blushing now! I eventual got my bits the next day, phew!

      I dread the day my card gets eaten by the machine. Although because I forgot my PIN the other day, the Chip & PIN part of my card is no longer valid (it was refused yesterday!)…but I’ve still been able to pay online for things and withdraw cash from the cash point. Odd security measures! I need to phone the bank to see whats going on.

  5. And now you can’t go back to that shop because you’re all embarrassed n that.. or you will, and you’ll say something witty like ‘Ha! I remembered it this time’ and they’ll look at you like WTF.

  6. I have all my pin numbers on the side of my fridge. It doesn’t help when I forget while actually trying to use them though.

    … not that that has or will ever happen. hee hee!

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