Stalker (Reprise) !

If I don’t write this now, I’m never going to write it.  I’ve been a bit ill the last few weeks (man-flu…not just normal man-flu though, proper confined to bed man flu) so my motivation to write stuff has plummeted. 

Annnnyyywaaay, you know when you get an sudden flash of inspiration?  The light bulb pings above your head and shines as shiny as can be?  Well I had one of them moments, only it wasn’t a bright shiny bulb.  It was a red flashing spinning one with alarm bells ringing all over the place.  

Whilst Good Scribble went missing:  Good Scribble sits back and waits for stuff to happen, plods on and doesn’t make anything happen himself.  Evil Scribble: raises his head once in blue moon and this time made me step outside my comfort zone and took advantage:

Following on from the Stalker post, I sent voodoo girl a message on StalkBook.

I know. 


Anyway, I’m not sure what it was…maybe it was the charm (ha!), devilish good looks (ha!), the dancing skills of a disabled uncle or the stead fast refusal to feed or water her…whatever it was, she replied, literally straight away, saying how good it was to hear from me (the alarms bells started going off in my head too)!

It was almost as if she had sat in front of Facebook for 10 days solid pressing refresh (I’m joking!)

I’m not sure who’s more unhinged between the two of us yet, there have been very long games of message tennis taking place (a day or two between messages from either of us), but I suspect there will be more blog fodder afoot/my body will be found in a ditch somewhere soon.

Nah I’m being unfairly harsh on her there, she seems ok, I’ll keep you posted!

Crack on…


30 thoughts on “Stalker (Reprise) !

  1. OK, I don’t wish to appear contradictory but… now that you’ve opened up the lines of communication (after a criminally long period of time for which you should consider yourself fined the sum of twenty-seven squillion baboons) and she’s responded in an open fashion, my considered advice would be to kick on and go for it.

    I am, of course, a fully-qualified relationship counsellor who has never had a relationship breakdown, falter or even twitch.


    But seriously. Go for it now. But not in a manically keen kind of way.

  2. I did wonder what had happened to you and glad you are better. I agree with Brennig – go for it! Enjoy the fun 😉

    • Brennig
      The cheque for twenty seven squillion baboons is already in the post (with a complimentary pineapple).
      Given my ‘not bothered’ approach in the first instance, I doubt I have a manically keen side hehe 😉 Cheers for the advice though, as you may be able to tell I’m like an unskilled ape in situations like these (although it seems to have strangely worked so far! haha)

      S .Le
      ..I know, I can’t believe I was ill again either…

      Thanks, I’m feeling better. If any further fun comes from it, I will 😉

      haha I know, I bow to your wisdom. I’m not worthy :p

  3. You’re not near stalker territory yet. If she asks you what kind of wedding you want then you can worry. In the meantime you could say at least she doesn’t play games and make you wait days before acknowledging that you exist… Keeping my fingers crossed that you and the ditch need never meet!

  4. ha. knew you’d cave in/get bored eventually. She seems uber keen though, not a particularly attractive trait so early on, as it does point towards bunny boiling and clinginess later on. But no reason why you can’t take her out (is it a take her out situation, or would you just shag her again?) and see how human she really is.

    am slightly proud of you…

  5. Reading back over the stalker girl posts im actually starting to feel a little bit sorry for her – you pulled her, did stuff to her and then chucked her out the next morning – and then waited forever to get in contact – despite the fact you liked her.

    Typical male behaviour (actually typically me behaviour, but we’ll ignore that bit).

    She might seem a little keen – but this might just be in your head. However, only carry this on if you feel you want a 2nd date with her – you might encourage the stalker tendancies if you do the same twice!

    • Welsh Girl
      Nah the ditch and I won’t meet. I’m more worried by my stalker tendencies than hers haha

      Agree, but then she could say the same about me being uber keen, when I’m not that keen in reality. We’ll see, I’ll only have myself to blame ha! Thanks for being proud *beams with pride*

      Yep, I know what you mean and I agree, I’ll be careful 🙂

  6. Bloody Hell! Evil scribble should come out to play more often. Ballsy! …well as ballsy as you can be after this long but still, it definitely has a whiff of ballsiness. OK, that’s not quite the right turn of phrase but you know what I mean.

  7. You mean there’s a type of man flu that doesn’t involve being confined to bed?!

    I’m torn between feeling sorry for the poor girl and wanting you to carry on so I can read more entertaining blog posts…

      • singlebuteffective
        It was indeed ballsy. A lot more ballsy than I am normally!

        ha! we’re all flu wimps!
        Although she has replied to my messages, its not been straight away apart from that first message last week, she may not be as eager as I thought. It’s all fun and games though :p

        it was the ‘whiff of ballsiness’ that got me…

  8. How can you claim to be alone when you have good scribble and bad scribble with you. Glad you are feeling better, would not want you left for dead in a ditch if you were feeling under the weather….

    • BlackLOG
      Good Scribble and Bad Scribble tend to wander off of their own accord now and again. I need to put them both on a lead!

      “He’s been battered and lay in a ditch for days…he’s also got a bit of a chesty cough…”

  9. Wiff of ballsiness? You are either manning up or you could do with a shower… I don’t know how I found your blog but it’s a fun one.

    As for this woman. I don’t feel sorry for her. She’s a big girl and knows that shagging a man you met in a pub does not mean it is a relationship or that he will ever call. Don’t feel sorry for something she volunteered for. Anyway hearing about it is entertaining so my vote is for you to shag her again and blog about it some more! I think I just got a whif of you balls.. Nice!

  10. I agree with Southerngirl, I don’t think there’s no case for pity here.

    The Mechanic and I met and shagged in a garden a few hours later, about which I am not particularly proud. Not any old garden either, a public garden in the shadow of a church spire. Heavens above.

    But anyway, it was just a bit of fun. I’m not usually so loose, but I’d had a rough year with the cancer scare and my idiot ex-boyfriend had treated me pretty shoddily so I was just out for a one nighter. In fact, I wasn’t really out for anythng, it just happened. But I certainly didn’t expect anything to come of it.

    It just so happens that two years later, TM and I are together and our tryst turned into something more, but I certainly think that, given the circumstances, we are an exception rather than a norm.

    • southerngirl
      Thanks for the comment, glad you like my blog.
      I don’t think I’ll be seeing her again, but if I do I’ll be sure to blog about it!

      Neither do I feel sorry for her, but as you said relationships can blossom out of nothing, like yours has.
      I don’t think anything else will happen with her though so I’ll still be waving the singleton flag for a while yet!

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