Getting back into the swing of things

After having two weeks off, it’s not very easy sliding back into the old routine is it?  The last 2 two nights I’ve had less than 2 hours sleep.  Whilst my brain tells me to go to bed, my body clock still says “stay up as long as you want, you’ve got sod all to do tomorrow”.   Not great at 5am when you know the alarm will scream at you in 2 hours time.

I’m not the greatest sleeper in the world anyway (I only ever get 4-6 hours sleep on a good day) so it’s not surprising that it takes me a while to adjust back into some kind of normal sleeping pattern.  It’s just frustrating more than anything else.  Even going back to when I was 13/14 I used to always be awake on the Sunday night after school holidays until ungodly hours.  I’m sure my body will start shutting down by Thursday.


7 thoughts on “Getting back into the swing of things

  1. Everyone different and there isn’t much you can do about it. I always get loose bowels before going on a holiday for some reason.
    … I’d rather have loose bowels than lack of sleep though … unless they weren’t connected somehow.

  2. Have you ever suspected over indulging in alcohol and sleeplessness may be connected? Just a thought.

    At least you have till Thursday to be productive at your work.

  3. After no sleep. Last night I got 6 hours uninterrupted sleep last night. Haven’t slept through the whole night for ages!

    Good job you get loose bowels before going on holiday and not after!

    S. Le
    Yep, I know and point taken. They aren’t connected in this case though, I didn’t drink much over the holidays. Besides, I wasn’t much of a drinker when I was 13/14 😉

    • Jaggy
      That’s true too. If I fall asleep at say 5am to be up at 7. Do you think it’d work if I told myself I have to be up at 3am…thereby I’d fall asleep by 1am in panic; then I’d be in sleep mode and get a lay in. Genius!

      Nah it wouldn’t work, I can’t even lie to myself that well. I’m a night owl by nature.

  4. I’ve been the same as you, my body clock is all over the place after the Christmas holiday – and two weeks’ sick leave immediately prior. I’ve grown used to sleeping in and going to bed late.

    So the early mornings hurt.

    All made worse by the fact that my first day back after this long break was at a brand new job (oh no pressure to be alert!) and my day has to start an hour earlier than it used to as my journey to work is nearly an hour longer!


    Do you practice ‘good sleep hygiene’? I don’t mean brushing your teeth or cleaning behind your ears before bed. I mean having a set routine before bed and only using your bed for sleeping and Naught Business (ok, just sleeping if your admission that you rarely have sex is anything to go by 😉 )? Apparently it all helps your body prepare to sleep. Oh, and try and give up caffeine, even if you don’t drink it in the evening it can keep you wired.

  5. Soupy
    Not good starting an hour earlier…especially in this weather!

    I do try to practice a decent going to bed routine, doesn’t always work out though. Plus my computer is in my bedroom (pitfalls of a shared house) so I don’t just use my bedroom for sleep. I know that won’t help, but I have been at least going to bed at a similar time, even if I haven’t been sleeping!

    I think I’ve caught up on sleep last couple of nights though, haven’t had much of a problem surprisingly. Even in this weather with no heating (multiple layers in bed is the future!).

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